Dcc in a Bachmann 44 tonner

Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by green_elite_cab, Jul 23, 2005.

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    I am currently trying to study DCC and stuff, so that by the time i have enough money for it, i'll have a better understanding of it all. it seems pretty simple, and i already have a small background in wireing and soldering from before i got into trains. the only problem that has occured so far is in my 44 tonner.

    unlike my other Spectrum locomotives, the 44 tonner doesn't have a Plug in deal. also it is extremely hard for me to see where every wire goes. there also appears to be a circuit board already in there, but i am told this is supposed to stop interference caused by the motor, and that this causes problems for DCC.

    less importantly, i heard DCC help reduce motor noise, would that help my particularly loud 44 tonner?

    thanks for the advice

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    i believe you can get a 44 tonner pre-fitted with a decoder, otherwise i dont believe bachmann put decoder plugs on their 44 tonners as they are a little bit too small to allow it to fit easily
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    Their later issue 44s are fitted with DCC plug-n-play sockets. While the earlier ones can be fitted with DCC chips, it is a complex retrofit that may not be worth the work to some folks, especially because the drive is still noisy afterwards. I had one and ultimately sent it on to a friend to be used as drive units for On30 lokeys, a common fate for many older 44s.
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    sounds like i got an older 44 tonner, i can't find the plug on it. i don't mind trying out the retro fit, if you can tell me how to do it. is there anythign special behind hit? it seems to me that all you have to do is connect the correct wires to the appropriate terminals on decoder chip. being entirely new to this DCC stuff, i'm not sure.
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