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Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by Herc Driver, Oct 17, 2007.

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    I just got a Bachmann HHP-8 Amtrak Acela engine in Nscale that has working pantographs as well as DCC already installed. The sales info states that the the engine works in both DCC and DC operations - but no where in the info contained in the box did I ready anything on switching from DCC to DC operations. I tried to run it on my DC layout and except for taking a bit higher power setting to get it to move, it seems to run fine. The only thing I've noticed is that it's a rocket - it really moves quickly with only a little power increase from the power pack.

    Is anyone else operating this engine on a DC only layout? And if you are - did you find a switch that changes it from DCC to DC? I'd hate to ruin this expensive engine and burn out the DCC board. I checked the exploded parts view and didn't see one - and I did find the switch that allows the pantographs to draw the power from overhead lines - but didn't notice a "conversion" switch.

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    That sounds like an interesting engine. A long time ago, I had a Swiss engine made by Lima. I also wanted to try and run wires up into the pantographs for overhead pickup but never did.
    Usually, there are no changes required to run a DCC engine on DCC or DC. My DCC engines ALL respond better to DC than they do DCC with a noticeable increase in power on DC but, none of them act like rockets as you seem to be describing.
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    Thanks for the reply...I was worried that I'd "fry" the board if I didn't throw some switch from DCC to DC. I just haven't found it - which probably means there wasn't one anyway. I haven't jumped into DCC yet - but just maybe this engine will start a larger trend of getting more DCC equipt loco's so that when I do finally purchase a DCC unit - I'll be ready to go. Overall I'm happy with the fit and finish of this little Bachmann HHP-8. I'm not a big fan of electric engines - more a diesel kinda guy - but the boys really liked the Acela units and I thought this one would take my too tight 9.75 curves better than the longer Acela train also made by Bachmann. I've read that the Acela set really needs 19" radius to run well, and at the cost of the set, I'm not going to get that one until my layout is rebuilt and there's track to handle it. There are matching Acela passenger cars that run with this engine that really look good - lots of detailing and a pre-installed lighting kit. I already have the catenaries on order and will string them up to look as good as I can when they arrive - allowing me to at least raise the pantograph for more realistic operations, but still use the track power to run the engine. But why does Bachmann continue to use rapido couplers when they can use a knuckle style and vastly improve the overall look of their products?

    Here's a quick picture of the engine and cars...

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    That's purty neat. I also like that VW bus in the foreground.

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