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  1. TrainGuyRom

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    I only dabble in On30. I have attempted (and failed) an On30 flat car. I have started (yet to be finnished) 3 log cars (the kind that is basicly 3 poles, couplers, and trucks) A water tower I made years ago for my old HO scale layout. That water tower looks kind of like an O scale narrow gauge water tower. and finnally attempted to convert a Bachmann Thomas The Tank Engine Percy into an On30 0-4-0 (but cannot find an easy way to make it look American)

    I am nearing a time where I can start a new layout. I can't decide weather it should be N scale, On30, or LEGO. If I were to go On30, would it be recomended to do DC or DCC, on a low budget?
    I am interested in DCC for the sound option, no need for long chords as in DC and fewer throttles.
    I want to do both a circle with a bunch of switching (oh, and this would be portable)

    So, after all this, do you think I should do DC or DCC?
  2. steamhead

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    Irregardless of the scale you end up with, DCC is the way to go....Although costlier initially, the flexibility it affords you can't be overstated, not to mention the MUCH simpler wiring you need for DCC. I use a Digitrax Zephyr and have absolutely no complaints about it. It is less expensive, and affords you a wide possibility of control options.
    Whichever way you decide to go...Good luck...!! :thumb:
    And keep us posted....
  3. ytter_man

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    When you start getting into the larger scales RC and battery control is fast becoming an option as battery sizes decrease and life increases.

    DCC is the way to go if you're not ready to take that plunge, i cant tell ya how cool a little geared On30 steamer is when it's waddling down the tracks cuffing and cranking away. :thumb:
  4. TrainGuyRom

    TrainGuyRom Member

    Cool! I think I would rather do DCC than RC. All else fails, I convert a cheap RC car moter, stick it in the loco, and adapt the controller.
    thank you. Any thoughts on Bachamann's E-Z Comand? It sounds like a good place to start. Is it:?:
  5. kmorris

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    DCC is probably the best way for you to go when starting out. I would recommend either the Digitrax Zephyr or A MRC Prodigy Advance to start off with, which will give you expandability options as your layout grows.
  6. kennyrach

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    Hi i been using DC and A with sound for over 42 year and DCC for over 5 year i have it in N scale and i love them both DCC and DC > With DC i just use a walking around and wire my track with cotronl to do what i want it do and it cheaper this way then the high cost of DCC item .

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