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    Ha SS, Thanks for the post, when you say the blue marks represent blocks, are they where the isolated track joints are? There hard to see on my laptop screen, I tried to save the image and enlarge it, but I can't open it with my imaging program after saving it. :curse: computers
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    Oh yeah, Denis. I found it. :) but your two powerpacks weren't there. sorry. :(

    But goosey me left the book at home today, didn't I.

    Now what's this piece of string tied around my finger for? Oh... damn... I know it's there for a reason!! Now what was it? :confused:
  3. right.

    I agree its hard to see them in the picture, which is why I added the text description. Its where I would isolate the tracks.
  4. Woodie

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    Well, I remembered today. :thumb:

    The info that I found very useful for block wiring is the following links.

    I read it 3 - 4 times, to understand it, and also practiced a couple of times on a layout plan. Once you've got the concept it's quite easy. Hope this helps.

    The files sizes are a bit bigger so as to help with the clarity of the text and diagrams.

    Page 1 210K
    Page 2 160K
    Page 3 177K
    Page 4 157K
    Page 5 108K
    Page 6 123K
    Page 7 201K
    Page 8 180K

    From "Small Scale Model Railroads" - S. Blackwell Duncan 1991.
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    Ha Woodie,
    Thanks a bunch for the info, it's going to take a while for my simple mind to digest all that.

    One question, Any idea why I was able to save pages 1,2,and 4 as jpg's and the other I could only save as art. or bmp. images?
  6. Woodie

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    It took me a good hard 3 - 4 reads of it, and closely looking at the track plans to get the idea, and then it all twigged, cause at the time, I was also trying to determine exactly what the difference between electrofrog, and insulfrog turnouts was.

    As far as the pics, if you just do a "right click" on each of the links above, and then do a "save target as". See how that goes. There is no need to click on the links and display it first. If you do, then just "right click" the picture,and "save picture as" will do the same thing.

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