Dc-3 Any One Know Where I Can Find?

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by Bionic Modeler, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. Looking for a DC-3. I have always loved that airplane. I flew on one when I when into the Navy in 1965. One of my first experiences flying. Scared the crap out of me. But I later learned to love it. I ended up a crewmember on a P-2 Neptune and logged 1200 hrs.

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    The older I get the more I did
  2. BARX2

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    Probably not what you're after, but Maly Modelarz did an IL-2 Cab years ago. That's the Russian version of the DC-3. Krys might be able to find a copy for you. Paper Model Store
  3. David H

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    Fiddlers-Green, basic but DC3 shaped...

  4. rlwhitt

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    I'd love to see one of these as well. The DC-3 was such a classic, and still in use today in some places hauling cargo. Hard to believe a detailed model has not been done. It would not be for lack of research materials!
  5. Gil

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    Fly Models Release

    The DC-3/C-47 yearning seems to be a recurring theme. Fly Models had one out on the market around ten years ago and hasn't refreshed the design nor reintroduced it since (might be a clue as to how well the sales went). Below is a shot from a build of this model. Maybe it's time to get serious about it...,


    P.S. Model Card put out a C-47 "Spooky" gunship model sometime in the same period. If I remember correctly it was shown on the cover being attacked by Japanese Zeros...,

  6. Yaniv was working on one before the forum made the move...
    I wonder what is happening to that one...
    Cheers, Billyaussie
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    u can tack a look on my deasign (not finsh yet and i am sure that i already send the link)


    tell me if u like it :)

    hahah billy i just writ it with u opsyy

    well not mach progres from the last months just becoz lots of work and not mach time for hobbys

    but this week i going to format my pc and re instal the softwer and back work on it slowly slowly

    i dont forgut u my friends :)
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    There were also versions made by the Austrian company Geli. They did a Martinair-version. Maybe on Ebay...
    WilhelshavenerBogen has a Lufthansa-version. Still available, I believe
  9. 46rob

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    FG also has a Navy R4D-5L version of the C-47, and it comes with a black and white that you can do up in any paint scheme you want.
  10. Leif Oh

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    Best available C47

    Hey, hey - if you will be satisfied with the best available C-47 out there, write a nice letter to Marco & Yvonne Ramm at Modelshop24 in Germany. Here's the page with a mail form.


    They still carry the Fly Model C47, and if you're quick you'll get it for only 16 euros + postage (30 percent discount until 19 August). They accept PayPal. But write first in order to ascertain postage & handling (which is very reasonable for Europe, so if they accept your business, I'm sure they'll make the best available deal for you).

    Marco & Yvonne who run the Modelshop24 only deliver to Germany and Austria. But if you write nicely, they might be able to cook something up. Doesn't hurt to ask.

  11. 46rob

    Thanks I went there and bought it. I can't seem to access the versions page though. that is where the BW version is
  12. sjsquirrel

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    Try this one too

    I purchased one last year from Paper Models International. They have one listed on their site in Lufthansa livery.

    Lufthansa DC3

  13. yaniv

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    i must found the time to make my c47 :(

  14. Yes I like it very much. When will it be available. I bought Fiddler's version but I feel it is a bit oversimplified. Yours looks better. Is it done yet?
  15. Very nice but too expensive. I am living on disablity can't afford these expensive models. Not to say they aren't worth it. I feel the designers have a right to charge whatever they feel.
    I'm not whining just facing facts. I depend on that generous group of designers who offer their work free so guys like me can do this without breaking the bank.
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    For a FREE DC-3, check out this site: Free card model airplane sites Enter site and click on "My own free models - click here" Then scroll down the page. 1/72nd scale and you can't beat the price!
    Fred Z.
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    Geli's Martinair DC-3 is one of the nicest kits Geli made--very accurate and very impressive. PMI might have it.

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