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  1. billk

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    Going through the last few pages of my 2002 Dave Barry desk calendar - for 12/30 he said:

    Now why does that bring back memories when I never even had a Lionel train?
  2. Vic

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    Answer To Your Question

    Because American Flyer Trains were better!!!:D Except for that stupid cattle loader:eek: ... the cows would just wander around aimlessly and never would go into the car!:D :D :D
  3. TR-Flyer

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    I think i love you! Oh, and AC Gilbert too!

    The people never come out of the "escalator" on the passenger station either, but who cares, at least AF has people and cows that actually MOVE!

    Bill: It was the Lionel train from a previous life, before you discovered Flyer!

    HE, he, he, he..... Ok guys, i'll go back in my S-gauge cage now. Thanks for letting me out Vic.

    "Tis a fah, fah, better place i go to than i have eveh known...."

  4. Vic

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    Here's A. C

    Ahhhh Yes!!!!:) :D ....The Icon of our youth!!!:D :D :D

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