Dauglas SBD Dauntless

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by NOBI, Sep 5, 2006.

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    if I may ask, Nobi...

    why have you designed separate wingtips?
    I definitely prefer one-piece wing,
    separate wingtips don't add much in the rendering
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    I don't think rendering has anything to do with

    I would think that separate wingtips are because on certain aircraft the tips have some bent, droop, sweep, whatever that enhances the flight of the aircraft.
    so being true to scale Nobi and other designers model that feature seperately.

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    I would think it is more a product of the unfolding process of the wing. By seperating the tip from the main wing, it is easier to get a cleaner looking wing as the airfoil is assembled.

    But, that is only an opinion.

  5. NOBI

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    Like Rick said. And finished model look good with seperate wingtip :p
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    well, allright then

    I wait eagerly for the model :)
  7. NOBI

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    Im doing instruction now...can release very soon.

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  9. NOBI

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    and then...I finish job in Rhino, Instruction and label is done...ready to coloring next.

  10. a6m

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    :) :) :) :grin:
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    Thats some excellent looking instructions Nobi, I have built some of your free models and the fit was fantastic but without instructions they were a bit of a jigsaw puzzle. I suppose that should teach me to purchase your commercial models, which I will do having taken the test drive.
  12. NOBI

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    Dont know this color is correct or not...need advice for color of her :p

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    [may I ask
    there will be two version - with and without weathering?
    aircraft planes used to be very clean, because they were often washed against sea-salt corrosion
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    very difficult to say about the colour
    you can seei the links posted in this thread that threre are different 'schools'
    my opinion is that the shades of colour used by you in your F4F Wildcat - the lighter one, guadalcanal version -were correct (also, this means you can put the two models in the same display)
    in other words, undersurface grey is quite correct but oversurfaces blue is definitely too much dark

    may I ask
    there will be two version - with and without weathering?
    aircraft planes used to be very clean, because they were often washed against sea-salt corrosion
  15. In my opinion the blue is far too bright. Compare to the model photos that have been posted. non-specular blue (early war blue) was a light, gray-blue, not a bright blue.

    Cheers --- Larry
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    Yup, to bright.

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  18. Here's a site that will show the 1940 navy colors. Look under Camoflage, then USA, then US Navy. You'll see that the top color is a very gray-blue color, not a bright blue. It was designed to blend into the ocean when viewed from above.


    Cheers --- Larry
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