Dauglas SBD Dauntless

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by NOBI, Sep 5, 2006.

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    Again with warbirds series...American made Diving Bomber in World War II. Will update progress soon :)

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    Cool..............a pal to the Wildcat!
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    Nobi, Dauntless looks 100% good:)
  4. Alcides

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    Oh no !!

    Nobi, I making your stubo.

    I wainting the credit card close to be able to buy your Osprey and Raiden. :twisted:

    And your are working in a new model !!! :cry:

  5. NOBI

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    Thank you very much for all word...I will do the best as I can :)
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    Any chance of your doing this up in Enterprise or Hornet markings? :wink:

  7. NOBI

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    Today I finished add panelline into mesh...will be unfold next.


    @Ryan : can you give me a picture of camouflage you want? :)
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    Well, I'm having some trouble finding a side profile with the markings for the USS Hornet's SBDs during the time period, but here's a picture of two SBDs on deck with the Doolittle Raiders on the USS Hornet CV-8. The photo is from the Naval Historical Center.


    I'm pretty sure that the planes are in the early war light grey scheme with red and white rudder markings along with the early war national insignia with the red ball still in the center. Maybe someone else here can come up with the more specific markings.

    A plane in those markings would definitaly be eligible for the contest I'm sponsoring.

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  11. Ryan, use your list again. You'll find SBD-3, registration S-12 as part of VS-8 and associated with the Hornet. That's what the "S" is all about. If it were part of a Hornet bomb group it would be marked B-12. In any case, the example presented IS on your Hornet list.

    Cheers --- Larry
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    This is the Daunless displayed in our museum here in Pensacola--actually, there are three of them--one in the underwater archaeology exhibit, one in the life-sized WW2 carrier diorama and the one shown hanging from the ceiling (now on the simulated escort carreir flight deck). The colors are in the early blue gray and gray and are appropriate to the battle of Midway. Our planes are restored to factory fresh appearance, and some weathering and paint dulling could be expected. On a side note--the plane isn the underwater exhibit is an actual survivor of Midway and later assigned to the training command as a battle weary replacement. It was recovered from Lake Michigan, where it languished after a carrier traing mishap operating with the SAble or Wolverine. It sits, along with a Wildcat, exactly as it was found on a simulated lake bed.

    Yestereday, I found a 4th Dauntless--buried behind what looked like an Arado, a handful of Beech T-34's and a Kawanishi "George" down in the museum's warehouse. It was like walking into a time machine--first time I'd been in there.

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    good morning
    I am new in this thread

    here is my contribute

    and a authentic official photo from the battle
    in which you'll find the striped tail was out-of-use at Midway

    in my Osprey book on the SBD I have not found any official profile about Hornet planes- only from Enterprise

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    Welcome to the forums a6m, glad to have you with us!
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    in Osprey campaign dedicated to Doolittle raid
    there is a pic of Enterprise SBD, with striped tail and red circle, which I believe correct
    but I am not sure about the other details as numbers, location of numbers and colour of numbers :cry:
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    Well, I certainly didn't intend to hijack this thread. Can't wait to see the new model NOBI!

  20. NOBI

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    For eye candy...I nearly finish unfold Dauntless...everything unfold without problem. Will update progress soon


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