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  1. DeaconF

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    I have quit smoking and my satelite TV has been down for 2 weeks now. When I couldn't get into The Gauge my heart started racing and I couldn't catch my breth. Anyway It's all good now.
    One thing I'm having trouble with are the dates on the threads. Today and Yesterday look OK but then it skips to 4/26. Is my eyesight going too?
    What brought this to light is I tried to search for a topic I had been in before, with no luck. The topics were Epasses and Peco PL10 motors. My search came back "No Match" Does anyone know where these topics went and are the dates correct and have we lost between yesterday and 4/26?
    Thaks Frank
  2. N Gauger

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    Best of luck on Quitting!!!! No, it's just that when it crashed, we lost everything since the 26th :(
  3. Peter T Davis

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  4. cidchase

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    I can't find the thread with the photos of everyone. Anybody
    remember where it was? :confused:

    The search seems not to work earlier than the outage date, I think
    Sketch will re-index the database for searching at some point :) :)

    Glad we are back on-line!!

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