Das Andromeda Gerät; Nazi UFOs

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by RocketmanTan, Jul 31, 2011.

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    Very cool looking model. It is funny how many people extrapolate some fantastic claims, so have become so large, you wonder how World War 2 ended the way it did.

    The drawings and designs are fun. I even read a story about how the great flying wing of the Germans was the first flying wing when the German Prototype crashed, and the Northrop Flying wing, the N9m had been flying, and quite successfully for many years.

    I imagine this will be as nice as the rest of your models, so we are in for a treat!!!:thumb:
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    Instruction sheet drawn up

    Heh, I never believed in the whole Nazi UFO shtick, but it sure makes for an interesting story!

    Instruction sheet: http://rocketmantan.deviantart.com/art/Andromeda-Geraet-instructions-245929656

    I'll be including a miniature haunebu to place in the hangar bay. More pics to come.
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    The model's finished and ready for a testbuild. Meanwhile, I've taken the included haunebu craft and released it on its own. It's just a recolor of the Venusian Scoutship released last year.

    here's the haunebu: http://rocketmantan.deviantart.com/#/d438a7q
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    Vielen Dank Bryan! Ich liebe dieses Zeug!

    Thank you Bryan! I love this stuff!
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    My German is as Good as Google Translate. Which of course means, I speak horrible high school German and if it wasn't for Google Translate, I'd be stuck speaking Engrish. :)
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    Wenn Du möchtest kann ich Dir gerne bei den Deutschen Texten helfen.

    If you want, I can help you with the German texts.

    Gruß Gerald
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    Ich erinnere mich an ein Gedicht

    I remember one poem

    Wir wissen wan der Taifun kommt
    Seine Nachbar bist ohne dach!

    That's it, from German class.
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    a japanese haiku,
    with german words :thumb:
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    Thanks, but it's not mine. It just stuck in my mind for so long. I guess it was the many truths inside!

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