Dangerous Burghs

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    Hi to all,
    after some time dedicated to free Projects, I'd like to enter into the business. I don't expect a lot as results, I'm doing it maybe more to have a commercial experience within our hobby. So, I take it as an hobby into the hobby :grin: .

    I started a new Project called "Dangerous Burghs". It is a collection of Burghs; every single Burgh represents a part of a City. A Burgh is a 3d model with buildings and props, in 1/60 scale, that can be used in wargames or RPGgames.

    The Burghs are completely invented, they don't exist in reality; the structures are a mix between history and future. A sort of Steampunk style.

    The Basic time is 1908, location: center of Italy; all of a sudden something change the history; the future happens before than expected, improving the actual technology; the electronic is still undiscovered.

    I'm also drawing the figures to be printed and included into the kit.

    I'm wandering if a complete and articulated Story is a bonus for the customer or it's a waste of time for me. By the way, the title is: "Time Phial"

    Will you help me in finding the answer? Thank you a lot.


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