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Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by alfadoc, Mar 28, 2006.

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    Yes. It has pics of about 2/3 of my completed models.
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    Almost every card model has problems of one kind or another. In my opinion, Modelik's Mosquito is a good kit by modern standards.

    When I started building card models, I built Bf 109s to hone my skills. As I got better, I wanted to replace my early models with better ones, so I built some more. At some point I decided to build them all. Bf 109s look sleek and the variety in German camo schemes keeps me interested.

    In 2003, Maly Modelarz published a P-51B in British camo and markings flown by a Polish pilot. It's a good model with some weathering, but the paper is somewhat cheap, does not roll well, and tends to fray. If I built it again, I would scan the model and print it on better paper. It's fairly well detailed but the artwork looks a bit flat.

    Betexa also makes a P-51B. It's less detailed than the Maly model but the artwork looks good. It does not have any weathering.

    I do not own any Thunderbolt models. I am waiting for GPM, Halinski, or perhaps another company to release a new one in bare metal.


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