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    Bowdenja, Mindaugas, thank you for your nice words targeted to my models /will forward to them :)/

    Let me give you a story how the pictures of Tatra "desert placed" were taken.
    I live in between Brno and Slavkov /Austerlitz - 1805 Napoleon´s win in battle of 3 Kaisers/. Close to Austerlitz there is a golf court where clouse to hole nr 9 is a place where stored bunker-sand /simply stopped my car there and landed my Tatra on sand-dump and started to take a pictures. Of course golf-players finishing there their stage nr 9 did not absolutely understand what that guy is doing over there :).
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    ehi bernie, i'm amazed at looking at your model on the dunes... the only thing it betrays it's a model is the sand grains size. :-o
    Wonderful model.
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    Everybody - thank you for comments and answers. Now I think, that I know everything I need to know. Thank you all!!

    Bernie: I do really like your models! ;) And that story about dunes is very interesting :) I know the battle of Austerlitz very well, because recently I learnt about it during history lessons. I imagine, how interesting you looked, when making photos of the Tatra in dunes :twisted: :roll:
    I hope, that one day I will make a photo of Dakar model in my local sandbox..

    By the way. These photos look like in real dunes. Those photographies are very professional.

    I showed that Tatra to my friends and they were greatly amazed.

    And.. every year I am going to ski in Tatry mountains.

    Thats all. Good luck!
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    This is mi new paper model
    Tatra 815 VT 26 265 8x8.1 DAKAR 88
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