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  1. Mindaugas

    Mindaugas Member


    I want to ask, someone who is well experienced in this are, how many dakar cars/bikes/trucks are available for free download and for buying? I especially like this race, and I would like to have some models.

    I know Rick should know much about this. I would be very thankfull.

    Btw. I found many free models here, but I was looking something more detailed (with interior, engine, suspension).

    Thats all. Good luck! ;)
  2. rickstef

    rickstef Guest


    Yes I would know about it.

    depending on which shop you go to, you will be able to find and buy a couple of models, mostly the trucks.
    Joseph of spi shop has a couple of trucks, 6 different models, all reasonably priced. Moduni has 4 trucks.

    As for cars, Volker at www.racepaper.de might be able to satify that.

    As for the bikes, you are pretty much like me, out of luck.
    I have been thinking about building the Yamaha dirt bike that is out http://www.yamaha-motor.co.jp/global/entertainment/papercraft/realistic/yz450fm/index.html

    I was lucky to get a free paper model of a BMW motorcycle, used in the Dakar, a few years ago, mainly because I researched where the store was, and I asked my parents who went to the Netherlands on a vacation to get it for me.

    From time to time Joseph and other vendors I deal with will let me know if there are even some older models to be had, I have some of the ABC models from the late 1980's. A couple of trucks, and two cars.

    I know it is not much, but should be a good start, I have not completed any of the bigger truck models, I am working on one, but ask any question about the models in my collection, and I will try to steer you to the right place.

  3. modelincard

    modelincard Member

    Not my specialty, but I did buy tow Dakar trucks from SPI Shop. They look to be of excelent detail.:yep:
  4. rickstef

    rickstef Guest


    You are correct, lots of parts, great detail, and to me a great subject.

    I have 15 truck models, compare that to the plastic world, only 2 that I know of.

  5. Bernie

    Bernie Member

    Hello Mindaugas, check pls this page:


    in this download section you get several easy models of Spida /Roman Hruska/ or 1:32 scale V12 engine for Tatra Dakar trucks, Interior set for Tatra of "Lopre" from year 2003 - related to PK Graphica model etc

    or you can download some great authentical videos /mostly from Dakar 88/
  6. silverw

    silverw Member

    Yes I would know about it. Dakar

    Hello Rick...

    Ok... I guess this is a REALLY DUMB QUESTION.... but, what is dakar?

  7. Mindaugas

    Mindaugas Member


    Thank you all for these links, suggestions and comments. I will definately try to get some models.

    Bernie: I saw somewhere, that you have released a payware Tatra with super detail. Where can I get it?

    Rick: Interersting. So you say, that there's more paper dakar vehicles, that plastic? And who's that Joseph? Does he have some online shop?

    And The Dakar is the best offroad rally marathon, taking place every year from January 1st to January 15th. Cars, bikes and trucks travel from Europe (France, Spain) to Dakar in Africa. These races across the dunes are very demanding and adventurous. People go there to check their abilities. Many drivers die here also. It is more that 40 racers that died in Dakar history, plus many local people, that die in accidents.

    This is very interesting rally. Check this out - www.dakar.com

    By the way, I love Kamaz, because it is number one truck in our country. I've also driven one :D

    Thats all. Good luck! ;)
  8. Bernie

    Bernie Member

    Mindaugas, my model /beta-tested Tatra/ makes the image of Roman Hruska´s web:


    more pictures of my Tatra see here:


    if you like it to build - check with Joseph Spinalli´s e-shop


    focuss on this


    including english version of build instruction.

    BTW - if you do preffer Kama3 - ask for:


    very nice designed truck, but missing interior and "glossy" laser print which can be damaged when forming.

    Good luck with Dakar trucks
  9. Mindaugas

    Mindaugas Member

    Wow! Bernie. Your model is awesome!!! You also put shining lights into it? And how did you make weathering on tyres and windshield and other windows? And thank you for your answer!

    Superb model!!!:shock: :shock: :razz: :lol:
    Good luck!
    Btw. are you going to release some more Dakar vehicles (maybe cars or bikes?)?
  10. Bernie

    Bernie Member

    Mindaugas, thanks for compliment, lights are not shinning :( / I am all thumbs for electricity/

    All weathering was made with "chalk dust" - blackboard chalks - coloured:
    - grind them, mix different colours to get the right one and apply with brush - THAT´S ALL :)
    /since I know that you make plastic models - can use pigments, but chalk is cheaper :)/

    I am not designer of any models - I am only beta-test builder of Roman Hruska /who is actually working on 8x8 Tatra Dakar 88 - see his concept model in here/


    BTW - look once more on my Tatra 6x6.1 to middle section of carriage space and you find a beer bottle / need detail?? here we go - Cheers!!!/

  11. silverw

    silverw Member

    Hey Mind*

    Thanks..... sort of looks like "anything" goes!!!
  12. Mindaugas

    Mindaugas Member


    Oh I see Bernie. Thanks for the answer about weathering.

    I asked, because I was confused by this photo:

    But this is another model.
    And here's a gallery full of great models. As I understood, the third truck from the top is that you built not long ago? But where can I get other models? They all look awesome.

    Gallery: http://papirove-tatry-z-dakaru.ic.cz/page.php?id=foto

    Thats all. Good luck! ;)
    P.S. Bernie, you build superb models. Mostly trucks, yes? I saw a truck on kartonwork.pl - it is incredible!
  13. Bernie

    Bernie Member

    Mindaugas, thanks for compliments, the "lights on " model is Roman Hruska´s model in 1:16!!

    Yes, the third from the top is mine and then 6th from the top /including scratch interiors/

    Most of the other models should be available at Josep´s e-shop /but some are scratch builds - not to be released for sales/

    Yes, I do build mostly trucks but in last moths changing "repertoir" - take a taste of my last works from:

    PN 1,5trailor /known from Renova-Model webpage/
    Willys Jeep /actually Pic of the week/

    workin´on KrAZ 255B
    and 2cm Flak 38

    and preparing myself for Famo of Angraf

    BTW your Lockheed compared to Mountin bike looks AWESOME - looking for more pics.
    Greetings to Kaunas /just finished load of 2trucks to Vilnius/
  14. Bowdenja

    Bowdenja Active Member

    Alright now.............. I don't need this! I love planes............must build planes..........Dang that Dakar thing is unbelievable. This really could get me away from plane building and into trucks!:roll: :grin:

    Bernie........again unbelieveable building.........is that beer bottle chilled:grin:. The pictures really set the model off. The one with the sun on the top is amazing.

    Rick, Mindaugas and all........ I can understand the intrest in this race and the vehicles. NASCAR on steriods and off-road. I guess it's not really a spectator sport, with people lining the route, but then again......it is in the desert.

    Do they stay in communication with a home-base..........to report if there is a problem?

  15. rickstef

    rickstef Guest


    yes they do, satellite phones and the like, also, to take Robby Gordon and his team for the example, he was driving a Hummer H3, and the other vehicles in his team were, two Hummer H1, one a fast service vehicle, and the second, a Team Manager/Liason car, and two Service trucks, a 6x6 and a 4x4.


    Some teams like the Red Bull Volkswagen team has 78 people and 27 vehicles to support the 5 race cars.

    It all depends on the initial money you gather, and how serious the corporate backing is when it comes to the factory teams, VW, Mitsu, KTM, Bowler, Kamaz, DAF.
  16. SCEtoAux

    SCEtoAux Member

    This year, though, they could not use GPS for navigation. That run through the Sahara must have been quite a trip since they had to hit those two checkpoints. One of the TV coverages said there were lots of helicopters out trying to keep an eye on the competitors. A driver said he was basically given a sketch of where to go then told to head on out. 8)
  17. Mindaugas

    Mindaugas Member

    Hello everyone,

    Thank you for replies.

    Bernie: Thank you for all help and comments. I just can say, that your models are of the highest level! :wink: I watch and enjoy your threads about those superb models in german forums. And thank you for comments on my SR-71.

    Bowdenja. Dakar is a superb thing. I love planes and I primarily build them, but I also want to try Dakar vehicles (or maybe other cars/trucks/bikes). I've built several tanks and it is rather interesting, but I've got better skill and experience in plane building. So I think, that there's no sin if you try to build a Dakar truck :) . Your plane models are amazing!

    My opinion about Dakar
    I don't like these new technologies in Dakar rally. I am happy, that this year organizators have prohibited GPS'es. It is again old fashioned navigation from 80's. Remember the 14th stage this year? I liked when 10 bikers meet up from different sides and then they follow the racer with highest respect :twisted: But then it comes out, that respected racer was on wrong route and everyone lose time :D
    And nowadays, there's a competition in money, but not in driver skills. Those who have a strong backup can really win race (i.e. whole Mitsubishi corporation, that provides army of mechanics equiped with modified trucks, cars and helicopters.). I'd like, that Dakar would be like in 80's again. I would like that everyone would have equal abilities and races would be like in BMW ADAC (Junior races with formulas. All cars are identical. These races are like selection to F1).
    For example, on the rest day Alphand or De Villiers sleep, while mechanics change almost all parts. And some poor guys fix their car instead of rest. Several years ago we had Lithuanian team with Mitsubishi. They didn't finish race. Our best Lithuanian companies supported them, but there weren't enough money. Our country is rather poor and Dakar demands much much money.. So such teams don't purport to first places. They're only eager to finish Dakar. But... it is harder that it might look at first glance.

    BUT! Everything I said above doesn't understate Dakar rally in my eyes. I love Dakar, because it is the best racing event in the world.

    And who's that Joseph? How can I get to his shop?

    Thats all. Good luck!
  18. Bowdenja

    Bowdenja Active Member

    Mindaugas.........Thanks.......I understand how you feel. It seems that all professional sports have gone "the way of the big sponsers". Money talks.....yells! The sport is hurt by it, but also helped in other ways. More people are given the chance to see it because of the additional money injected into it, so it is a vicious circle.:grin:

    Rick...... I just noticed the Jim Beam on the trucks. This is what you were working on in your Bench Picture..........No?:twisted:

    Mindaugas go to this site.......... http://www.e-papermodels.com Joseph runs it. Good place!

  19. rickstef

    rickstef Guest

  20. rickstef

    rickstef Guest


    In my best Ed McMahon impression, "You Are Correct, Sir!"

    Volker at www.racepaper.de has the service truck, race car, and the other two still available


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