Daedric Sword Build

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  1. GyverX

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    An Update to what the Daedric sword looks like so far. I had to rebuild the pummel, I made the original out regular 24 pound paper and some how the pummel would not fit on to the handle. The handle had to be rebuild as well. Instead of building each side. I built it level by level. There are lots of seams that are visible, but these will be taken care of after it is put together. Enjoy the Pics

    20150131_110851.jpg 20150131_110855.jpg 20150131_110925.jpg 20150131_155606.jpg 20150131_155630.jpg 20150201_083442.jpg 20150201_130601.jpg 20150201_132915.jpg 20150201_141510.jpg 20150201_141516.jpg

    Hope you enjoyed the pics.

    I'll try to update as much as I can.
  2. zathros

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    All you have to do now is carefully pack it in sand and fill it with molten steel!! or not.

    Looks really tight. The edges look like corners, I can't see any seams, excellent!!
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  3. GyverX

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    Another update.
    The Hilt is done to an existent. I am currently trying to decided how to proceed with the blade. Not only that, I need to find a way to keep ot straight while building it up. The hilt so far has been the most challenging. To get the creases right with all the different folds in and out, it a bit challenging to keep its shape and fold with in those folds.
    20150206_200010.jpg 20150221_083532.jpg 20150221_091245.jpg 20150221_100707.jpg 20150221_180347.jpg 20150221_180433.jpg 20150221_181024.jpg 20150221_190846.jpg 20150221_214638.jpg

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  4. eric_son

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    I'm getting the urge to put SOUL TRAP on that. :)
  5. zathros

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    That looks really nasty, nasty enough to ill yourself it your not careful!! :)

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