Daedalus Interstellar Space Probe

Discussion in 'Space & Aeronautics' started by RocketmanTan, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. RocketmanTan

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    After browsing the web for...FOREVER, I haven't found any paper models of the Daedalus Space Probe proposed by the British Interplanetary society. As such, I have decided to undertake the project and build my own model of the spacecraft.
    The model is rather crude and simple, utilizing disks in place actual spheres in order to save time and space. Also, I designed this model as sort of a parody on JPL's models of their probes.

    The photos here are of the beta build, and the finished model varies slightly from this.

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  2. ovation

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    I don't know what size the tanks will be but have a look at a sport shop for anything from table tennis balls,golf balls etc
    they make way better round tanks than going the several strips of paper route :mrgreen:

    Keep us updated with the build,

    JJ-UK :thumb:
  3. RocketmanTan

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    lol, the disk-tanks are basically my solution to save space as well as a parody of nasa's tedious models with simplified details. I might make an expansion for the tanks, though

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