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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by railroadryan14, Dec 12, 2005.

  1. JAyers

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    If you are using a PC, go to Start>Programs>Accessories and open the Paint program. Then use the File>open command to open your picture. Then use File>Save as... command and select JPEG from the file type drop down box. Simple as pie.

    IF the dimension of your picture, the actual measurement of side and top is too big, then select the menu option Image>Attributes. Write down the X and Y numbers, divide by two (for example) then type those new numbers in the boxes. And then Save As as JPEG.

    If you have a MAC or are running Linux I can't help you.


  2. railroadryan14

    railroadryan14 New Member

    I did that and the JPEG wouldnt work so i did the other 1 and it made the pic to small and everything wasent on it.... realy nothign was on it it like had the wall t not the trains
  3. JAyers

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    Well the JPEG thing is troubling. Then you should be able to save it as a GIF. If neither of those work then there is some issue with your original file formate. Google it and read up on it.

    But your right about the "attribute" command. Sorry. Use "Image>Skew/Stretch" instead and change the "Stretch" box numbers to 50%. Or some other number untill it looks about right, but in general smaller is better. Keep working until it looks right.


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