D-Day blog post - no artwork, but interesting photo?

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by Wily, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. Wily

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    The post doesn't contain any art, and I intend on deleting it after I get my next plane finished. However, if you're a history nut and want to learn a little-known story of the first moments of June 6, 1944, you might find my post interesting.


  2. cdavenport

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    Excellent, yet sobering, story. Your blog is a great read. Do you intend to include Korean War, Vietnam, and Gulf War profiles? Tons of stories there and not just from fighter pilots.
  3. Wily

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    Good question, CD.

    I focus on WW2 and Korean-era pilots. The reason behind this decision is because for me, the era's demands on person and process most closely resembles the daily life I experience.

    Flight was more instinctive, more visceral back in the days before radar and computer-aided technology. Additionally, I find the idea of leadership, team-manship and sense of responsibility clearer in the era of formation-flying and co-dependent tactics.

    Perhaps I'm a nostalgic. Yet, many of the pilots I've interviewed served in Vietnam+ and they recall the passing of their prop-driven days with thoughtful understanding that they flew in perhaps the zenith of "Man over Machine."

    Make sense? Just my opinion, but when I write, I need to have that "groove" to guide thoughts and words.

    PS - I spent part of yesterday continuing an interview with a Korean War F-94 night-fighter pilot. His plane will show up sometime this summer.
  4. cdavenport

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    Yea, I understand where you are coming from. I sense you are trying to get at that sense of individualism and intrepidity that was required in an era where it actually took a person guiding his machine to kill the target, whatever it was.

    With that in mind, what about some bomber pilots and crewmembers?

    I really am enjoying the work you are doing.
  5. Wily

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    cd -

    Though I meet many bomber pilots and crew, right now, I'm focusing on the fighter pilots. They're a unique culture and I'm still rather fascinated by it.

    I am happy you're getting something out of my "work" - but I don't call it that. A guilty pleasure, maybe? (laughs).

    Nevertheless, I've learned a new perspective on aging and leadership from these experiences. Not entirely nostalgic or jingoistic...far more positive and tolerant than I thought.

    Anyway...hope to get an A-36 posted in the next few weeks.
  6. chooch.42

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    Just thanks, Wiley, for your thought, your artistry and your dedication - and for putting it here where we can see and perhaps, appreciate and understand the motivations, actions and sacrifices of some of our forebearers, that allow us the best of what and where we are today. All the Best. Bob C.
  7. Wily

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    Thank you, chooch...

    btw - James Thurber is a hero of sorts. I admire his illustrations (then later) his writing.

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