Cylon Eye Electronics How To Guide

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by ekuth, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. Bubbahearth

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    Thank you! really appreciate the expansion on the original jack-o-lantern article. Idk how many times I had simply skimmed over it before.

    Only thing holding me back now is just finding the damn metallic paper in this town >.<
  2. ukninja

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    excellent thread , I really look forward to giving this a go
  3. Chameleon

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    Has anyone put one of these into a helmet and still be able to see htrough the visor? Any ideas on that?
    I was thinking of putting in two visors. The one closest to my eyes would be mirrored on the outside and the lights could go between the two. Keep all the circuitry off to the side and just run wires to the bulbs in the visor...
  4. Vahmp

    Vahmp Member

    Hi Cameleon,

    I was thinking of doing just that, but not using mirrored plastic.

    I was thinking of just using clear plastic for the inner visor, but with just enough room to see out of. In other words, a slit about 1/2 inch in height, just to be able to see, adding a piece of plastic on the bottom of the light strip so there wouldn't be any light filtering to where my eyes will be (Type of a sunshild on a baseball cap. Hope that is understandable. hehehe)

    And the outside one in semi-transparent smoke colored plastic. (so you can't actualy see the LED bulbs from outside looking in, and see just the shine from the running lights, where the lights are located.

    Yea the lights wouldn't be dead center, they would be just off center toward the top of the visor. The bottom part of the outside visor would be 1/2 inch clear see thru smoke colored plastic, so I'd have a clear view looking out thru the visor.

    Hope this explaination is understandable. hahahaha
  5. Jixton

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    I've always loved the classic Cylons, and one day, It's my dream to own one. I'm gonna be watching this thread closely, as a Pepakura Cylon seems to be the cheaped way to go.

    It'll certainly keep the Missus happy if the costs of building can be kept low.
  6. movieman

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    for those who want to make cylon eyes, the evil mad science website now has a low cost kite which is named in honor of Glen larson..... price is $13 excluding shipping costs.

    To read more here is the link:

    hope this helps all those clyon wanabes out there. :thumb:

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