Cylon Centurion sword

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Revell-Fan, Jul 20, 2015.

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    Getting to the sharp end of this project :) (I'm back :))
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    YAY! ;)

    I'm calling this one done. As soon as the weather gets any better I'll take some beauty pics outside. I am now working on the instructions. When everything is ready it will be sent to BazookaJo for final approval and addition to the other Cylon files on his site.

    This project was a lot of fun. At first I thought this would be a rather quick shot only to check out if everything fits. Since it turned out so well it will stay in my collection. It is quite an impressive thing. And always remember, this model was made from scrap material and left-overs only aside from the glue (total costs: about 5 € mainly for the glue and the amount of silver card taken from the Crichton project which still was in my stash; the corrugated card was for free, even the sheets I used to print the plans were recycled from my home office). :)

    P.S.: I am about to continue looking for my graphic tablet. Once I have found it, I'll be tackling the Viper again. ;)
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    I knew you would like that! :D

    During assembly I noticed something I did not notice when I was working on Crichton. I once said,

    "It is recommended to take off the glove(s) in order to prevent them from being glued to the parts as well (trust me, it happened to me ;-) !). Glue fast and keep your fingers clean and dry."

    Well, I accidentally found out that you may keep the gloves on and just rub off the glue that got onto the gloves. But IF the glove gets stuck to the part it is somewhat difficult to get it off again because of the flexible material the glove is made of, so you do have to be careful. :)
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    The basic instructions for the sword and the sheath are ready aside from the beauty pics. The weather is getting better here, and the weekend is supposed to be very sunny. I'm really looking forward to that! :)
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    Fantastic Revele-Fan, man at large, man about town! :)
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    Alright, weather was fine yesterday so that I was able to take some pics outside. Here they come!

    EXCALIBUR!!!! :D



    Ha - got ya! :D


    Now where's my Kingdom? :)


    Better take it to my castle first. ;) AND - here we are:




    Everything put together:


    There can be only one!


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    I like what you have done with the sword good work thumbsup
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    That sword looks real! Great work Revell Fan!
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    The Farce is strong in this one.

    Great job RF!
    (The Farce is the silly side of the Force :hammerhead::fight:)
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    Just seen this thread - absolutely brilliant!!!!!!!! But if that's your house you're posing outside then I think there's a few DIY jobs you need to be getting on with ;D

    BTW - Know I'm a bit late on the puns but I went into a Deli for a BLT the other day and the assistant started growling at me - I replied "No mate - I said do you do ciabatta?"
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    Nice work R-F. Looks great!!!!
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    That's the burden of paper modeling: You neglect other things that have to made instead..! ;)

    Just be assured, it is good that you know only the outside; the insights might frighten you! (YAY, my first PUN of today - HEHE! :) )
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    Pun-ching well, a sight for sore eyes!

    Just don't lose your head (highlander reference :)) and get off to a head start! Let's not ahead of oneself now...

    Well, let's crown this off.
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    There is only one King here, and he comes from the Hollands. ;)

    My home is my castle but the castle is not my home. My name is Marcell and sometimes I find old bones; so some people call me Boney M. :)
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    By blood a King,
    In heart a clown.

    Alfred Lord Tennyson

    EDIT: At least I can be thankful my parents did not christen me : "Wan" instead of "Dan" :eek:;):)
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    @Revell-Fan ; Boney M references give away; a) your age b) questionable music taste :)
    @DanBKing ; Not going there, just not going there....

    To quote James May; "Oh, cock!"
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