Cylon Centurion sword

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    Hi guys!

    Having ALMOST finished the instructions for Andrew Probert's Triangle Ship and waiting for the final puzzle piece to get everything released I am using the time to make a quick and dirty test-build of the Cylon sword.

    The original design was made by @BazookaJo and @Red who kindly have given me permission to tinker with it (thank you, guys! thumbsup ). The first version was made in 2009 and features one of the most ingenious build strategies I have ever seen. The main parts are made of corrugated card and no matter which kind of card you use and no matter how thick the card is the parts will fit together without problems. In addition, the result should be very stable. Excellent and carefully thought-out ingeneering. Hats off.

    The biggest problem of the design was that it was made before proper close-up shots of the original prop were available. So some pieces were shaped incorrectly (especially the hand guard). I corrected the shapes and revised the dimensions and proportions to come up with a faithful representation of the real thing. I will be keeping the original way of assembly because it can't get any better.

    So far I have glued the core pieces to corrugated card and am waiting for the glue to cure. Red and BJ will certainly spot the changes I have made in the following picture.


    Don't worry about the jagged lines, everything comes as vectors. Apparently the down-sizing of the picture has made it look that way.

    Stay tuned, this is gonna be a fast run (I hope ;) ). :)
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  2. blake7

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    Another project! Are you crazy! How do you keep them all strait in your head? Just kidding.:)Looks interesting.thumbsup Another thread of yours I will be watching.:wideyed:
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  3. DanBKing

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    "I hope so too!" said the Viper Mk1, humbly ..............;)

    In context of this thread: It's time to have a 'stab' at it........ :)

    Well, he isn't straight in the head...... He can't be.........

    He has been Anacondically squeezed, with a Cobra-headed passion, for a Adder sort of model, but, as usual, he forgot to reMamba the bloody VIPER!!!!! :biggrin:
  4. Revell-Fan

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    Don't worry, mates. This one is just a quickie to relax from work. We received a delivery with a lot of corrugated card. I saved it from the trash bin and am putting it to good use now.

    Viper is not forgotten; just have to dig out my frakkin' graphic tablet again (really, I have put it in storage and do not remember where I have put it :headbange:!).

  5. Revell-Fan

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    Please show me ONE person in the world that IS..! :D:D:D
  6. DanBKing

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    According to 'Google' .... :smoker:

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    @DanBKing ; "In context of this thread: It's time to have a 'stab' at it........ :)" What a cutting wit!

    Looking forward to seeing this model thrust into the lime light! I shall try to sheath my puns now.

    @DanBKing - We've done it again, haven't we? :lolsign:
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  8. DanBKing

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    Well, as they say: The longer it takes to get to the point, the blunter it becomes .......... :lolsign:

    But as usual, we take things to the hilt .......... :)
  9. Cybergrinder

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    Now we're walking a knife edge until Zathros deletes all these puns.... (or should I say cuts them? ;))
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  10. DanBKing

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    Yep, correct you are.
    Best we sheath the puns.
    But, the pun is mightier than the sword.
    Zathros would then be like the director of the film 'Excalibur,' who was regularly heard to shout : "CUT!"
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    Or, if he were to sprint into the thread, he would become a new form of Blade Runner, a sharper character you cannot find....

    Of course, with such a harrison, could he a-ford to stop? Or would he be flying Solo. I can't Han-dle it!!
  12. Revell-Fan

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  13. DanBKing

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  14. Cybergrinder

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    Only one response to that...


    And I fal-con of my chair laughing...
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  15. zathros

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    I landed a Piper I was flying really hard one day, my instructor commented, that landing really, Jar'd, Jar'd, my neck and Stinks.
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  16. DanBKing

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    "What's for dinner, Dad ?"

    "Wookie Steak..."

    "Is it any good ?"

    "It's a little Chewy....."

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    But, really guys, we need to get back on the topic of swords, which is really what this thread is about.



    Now, I must resist, I must stop, No more ..... All the giggling is making my sides hurt.... It's a stabbing pain.....:biggrin:
  18. Revell-Fan

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    Alright guys, fear the PUN-ishment of the whip! :blueface::blueface::blueface:

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    Well then, let's get back to topic.

    I found out that it is advisable to laminate some parts to 2 mm and some to 4 mm corrugated card. So it is ensured that the parts do not become too thick.

    That solution made it possible to further decrease the number of the parts.

    This is the handguard:


    The parts are stacked to get this:



    Then everything is covered with metallic card. I used some left-over sheets from Crichton.



    As you might remember from Crichton, always wear gloves when working with coated card. Since I was unable to find some mid/late 1970s Cooper #28 "Armadillo Thumb" hockey gloves I used some nitril gloves. ;)




    Handguard complete.

    The heart of the sword:


    Again all parts are laminated to thick cardboard.


    A thinner layer of card is glued to the top and bottom side. The parts are separated at different locations so that they support themselves. This increases the strength of the construction. Next will be the handle, the pommel and the


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  20. zathros

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    In Spanish, "Vaca" means "cow", "v" is pronounced more like "b", so, "Chewbacca", sonically sounds like "Spanglish" for Cowmuncher". A useless factoid.
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