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    Firstly let me say you have done a really awesome job on all these and the nozzle looks amazing in mirror card.

    Secondly, let me say that the nozzle doesn't have to be done in mirror card, which as you showed is a challenge-and-a-half, in fact I did mine in just 200gsm card - pretty much like your prototype. The reason being that whilst the right gauntlet was mostly metal, the nozzle was actually plastic (I think it was a small grey microphone).

    Now I've seen the nozzle chromed and I've also seen the nozzle sprayed silver on a chromed suit, but I'm not sure if these are all fan-built kits as I've also seen the nozzle unpainted (see below) again, on what looks like a chromed suit.

    So unless you've got Red's building skills and patience I'd stick with standard card and if you want a more silver finish buy a can of shiny silver spray to paint it with depending on taste :)

    Again - really top job!

    I will try get the parts up on the web before the end of the weekend.

    images (3).jpg
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    This looks awesome! :)
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    Phew - all done...Parts now uploaded.

    Again - major thanks to Red and Stilgarhammer for help with these...

    Just the boot toppers to do as and when time permits :D

    Hope these parts prove useful to all the DIY Cylons out there.
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    Hi Revell-Fan

    Firstly I would 'love' to add you page to my site - Nice work BTW and fab tutorial...I will take a few images of the finished model from your pdf to provide the link images.

    Also - with the sword you may be in luck - Red did one ages ago and I the first draft of a kit from it - if you fancy taking it further pm me and I'll send you what I have.

    And glad you liked the new parts :)

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    Okay - Cylon pistol uploaded and available along with the armor - looks like a great fit :)!!

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    Thank 'you' :)

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