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    I've got a nice laser print (HP9550) of NOBI's X-15 that I'd like to build. I noticed that some of the rounded edged parts - support rings I guess you would call them - are not smooth edged, but look scalloped. How do I cut those out? Do I cut them exactly as they printed? Smooth out the arc along the outer tips of the "scalloping", or maybe along the inner edge? Total newbie - go ahead and beat me up. :grin:
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    Don't worry, were not evil, just cut as it prints.
  3. rlwhitt

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    These sound like glue tabs. I'm not familiar with NOBI's work so do not know the particular parts you are talking about. If they are glue tabs drawn into the former, then you cut them out as drawn and bend them down along the smooth inner line.
  4. BARX2

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    Nope, not glue tabs, but kind of "rough edges". I've attached a snippet of the plan for illustration (hope that's not a no-no).

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    Like I said, just cut as it tells you to.
  6. Ashrunner

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    Those parts are to be used as formers for the pylon on the side of the aircraft. Since it is a rounded section of the bird, I would follow a gentle curve around the straight edges.

    When I first built the model, I didn't notice this problem, as I was building it at a much smaller scale. This was one of NOBI's first models. His second if I remember correctly. He was still developing his designing skills at the time and learning to draw the flat items.

    Follow the lines with a gentle curve going from point to point and you should be okay. You could also cut wide of the curve and sand the cardboard to the appropriate curve.
  7. Bowdenja

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    And most graphic packages do not make an arc, they just divide it by many short straight distances.
  8. barry

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    curved formers

    as these will usually be laminted onto thicker card stock a gentle touch with a nail file or board takes away the rough edges. Remember what you see in the end is a smooth curve of thin cardstock held in place by the former. Curve the final panel to fit the former and adjust the former with sanding till it fits inside snugly.
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    Wow, I feel privileged to receive advice from all these experienced vets! Thank you very much.

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