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Where do you cut?

  1. I cut inside the line (remove line).

  2. I cut outside the line (keep line).

  3. I cut on the line (split the line).

  4. I use pinking shears (don't care).

  1. xBobble

    xBobble New Member

    I guess it depends on how bad you were in the first place. :wink: The Cameo does have a bit of an issue with very, very tight angles. I think the problem is that, while the cutting point is very small, it's still the tip of a strait blade. That blade sometimes has a little bit of a problem making very sharp turns -- going one way, pivoting, and going back the other way. I think there are ways to get around this but I've never had a big enough problem or needed a perfect enough cut to investigate them.

    Anyway, full disclosure .....
  2. VoltSHock

    VoltSHock New Member

    For me I think inside the line would e best since those lines are just guides
  3. Hawkabbc

    Hawkabbc Sci-Fi Geek (In Training)

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  4. Rogerio Silva

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    Welcome again!

    Yes, you do. If I may suggest, take a look at the rules, and you'll find out about it.
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  5. DEADMAN2012

    DEADMAN2012 New Member

    Usually i print in black and white, then paint the model. Helps to hide lines.
  6. jean-lucpicard

    jean-lucpicard New Member

    I have to agree. The lines are simply a guide for where to cut a majority of the time. There are times though when it is really necessary to follow them, but I have found that this is rare - most kits leave room for discretion when cutting.

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