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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by woodone, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. woodone

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    I just got into DCC. So a lots of things are new to me. I bought a decoder frome a dealer. It works, but there are some issues that I needed some help with. Dealer was unable to help me, but said to call the mfg.
    Well I did some research and found that the mfg did have a support site. So I E mailed them with the problems that I had. Then I waited for a reply, 2 days go by, not return E mails. So them I called the mfg. Got a voice mail, said that someone would call back. No returned phone call.
    Called again, same voice mall same message. Still no responce, at this time I am getting a little upset, so I make a third phone call. Voice mail again. This time I left a message that I was upset and would someone please return my call or resond to my E mail, that I had left at an earler date.
    I did get a call back that time- said that they were moving and things were a little messed up- OK I understand, but no replys? I was told that a tech would call me back on Tuesday, that is the day the tech would be in.
    Well its Tuesday and no call back?:curse: After hours now so most likley I will not get a return call. I did leave a 4th phone message today.
    Is it just me or what?
    I spend $$ and they will not reply- what gives.
    I know one thing- if I don't get a reply soon I will most likely never buy that product again and I will sure let anyone else know how I feel if I am asked about there product.
    Is this wrong?
    OK, off the soap box rant.
  2. Renovo PPR

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    Yes the age of electronics and computers. Customer service started to go bad when I bought my first PC. However is it really customer service or the fact that we don’t know how to operate the new stuff? I even find that it takes some extra time to get a new TV set up. The last one I bought was a pain in the neck. I wanted something that just plugged in and worked like every other TV I ever had. But you had to program the darn thing first.

    I have found the train world to be the same. When I first got my TMCC I wanted to take it back to the dealer and never run anything except post war stuff. However I had a good dealer and after about a week of reading and posting questions on another forum (higher amount of O gauge people with TMCC) it all came together.

    While it is sad to say it I would never expect fast help from any company that deals with electronic / computer stuff. I doubt they have enough money in the world to handle the demand for help. Instead it takes a little first hand knowledge then some trial and error. Don’t worry the first hand knowledge does come after many days of frustration.

    Your best help would be to seek it in a forum that has many DCC users. It is too bad that your dealer can’t get you pointed in the right direction. Mine did and I was thankful for that.

    Now my wish is for a TV set that doesn’t need programming just to watch and a reliable train system that doesn’t require hours of learning how to run it. I can add a few more but you get my point.

    Rule #1. Don’t set your hopes on any company to help you after the sell.
    [FONT=&quot]Rule #2 If the dealer can’t explain it I’m not buying from him.

  3. w8jy

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    Customer service

    I am also offended by the lack of support of many manufacturers and dealers. When I have problems that they can not or will not resolve, I do everything I can to let others know to avoid them. Small revenge, I know, but at least I can stop others from getting themselves into a problem.
    In today's world, mediocre service(that we used to complain about) is now looked at as above the norm.
    Internet model train dealers (the nearest LHS is MILES away) range from terrible to excellent. One of the best is a member of this forum - the owners of Fifer's Hobby Shop. They really believe in customer service and stand out from the crowd.
    Even the common courtesy of returning calls or e-mails can not be found at many dealers or manufacturers. Once they get your money, you become a nuisance to them if you have a problem.
    That, plus the lack of quality control found in many products, costs consumers many dollars.
    I guess all we can do (other than complain) is to spread the word to others so they can avoid our bad choices.
    I know a lot of problems with electronics are due to lack of knowledge on the part of the consumer, but this is aggravated by the incomplete directions provided by the manufacturer.
    I spent yesterday trying to program my new DCC units. No manual, because they say it is so simple that all the instructions you need are on the back of the cab. Thankfully, a member of this forum had more detailed directions posted, so was able to get it figured out. Information like that posted here is invaluable, and thanks to all who do so to provide us less experienced folks with the necessary help.
  4. myltlpny

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    Well, for the other side of the spectrum, I really have to commend Loys Toys for their customer service. I shipped off a Proto 2000 to them to do a Soundtraxx decoder installation. While it took a while (they were waiting on Soundtraxx to ship the decoder), there was always someone there to answer the phone and they never had a problem giving me an update on the installation. They also answered all my questions on the new DCC system I was looking at, and I was so pleased I ended up purchasing the system through them. On top of that, they have some of the best prices out there. You can't beat that with a stick.:thumb:
  5. Jim Krause

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    They're probably moving to Beijing or Mumbai and the tech rep will give you a call as soon as he learns English
  6. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    If I were going DCC, I would order something from Loy's Toys just because of their useful website. It certainly covers all the track questions that I've seen come up, even for DC users.
  7. steamhead

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    I'll second the opinion on Loy's Toys. I bought all my DCC stuff from them. Fast delivery and all the support (both live and electronic) you will ever need.
  8. woodone

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    Well,announce1 I need to let you all know that the mfg did call back.:thumb:
    Got a phone call early this AM. It was very early.sign1
    Tech was able to help.:p
    So problem solved. Well I think it is, need to do some program work to make some things better.:confused:
    I am happy to tell you that this mfg did call me back, and was willing to do what they could do to make there product right.
    They said that things were upside down with there move.
    I told the tech they should let someone know about there move on there voice phone mail.
    If someone would have keep me updated, I would have never made the 1st post.
    Customer service is still alive- it just took awhile.
  9. nachoman

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    At least support was free:

    My dad bought a popular virus protection software for his computer. The installation caused his computer to crash. There was no help phone number anywhere on the packaging, only an online help address. Obviously, he could not use the online help because his computer was not working. Somehow, he obtained a help phone number for the product, and when he called, he learned THEY CHARGE FOR THE SUPPORT SERVICES!!!! in other words, if you want to speak to a tech rep, you pay by the minute. What a bunch of $cammer$. I bet this virus protection company releases viruses in order to drum up business. I don't know if I am allowed to say which company this was, but I will say it is one of the top 3 anti virus software packages on the market.

  10. Fluesheet

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    Great Customer Service!

    I’ve only called for customer service to three vendors: Loys Toys, Tony’s Trains and Miniature Locomotive Backshop. Loys and Tony’s have great web sites, and I have no complaints with the couple of times that I have spoken to them directly for some question.

    Dugan Gorman, who runs Miniature Locomotive Backshop, is tremendously helpful on the phone. I’ve had several conversations with him that lasted over a half hour on topics ranging from brass locomotive quality and recommendations to improve running to specific questions on Digitrax and NCE DCC systems to rumors of new functionality in Zimo Decoders! The latter he didn’t know the answer to, so ran some tests and got back to me! You can’t beat that kind of customer service. I bought my current DCC system, and most of my decoders, from him for these reasons.

    Disadvantages? His product line is somewhat narrow – he recently divested himself of Digitrax stuff, for example, and his web site isn’t the best –nowhere near as informative as Loys or Tonys, but for a person to person conversation, he can’t be beat.

    Miniature Locomotive Backshop DCC Sales

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