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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by BNSFtheLeader, Mar 13, 2007.

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    Thanks to all for comments, This has turned in to a more than fun venture.. The C44-9W was my first attempted at the Warbonnet, well for all of these for that fact and I've got to say that the BN Desert Storm SD60M is the biggest pain in the butt so far. MicroScale gives just enough Stars to do the job with no extras and a bunch of Flags that you don't even use on the model????????????? ( what's that about ). I lost one of the stars ( the place I ordered the decals from only had 2 sets left so I had to keep mistakes to a minimum ) and it took me a 1/2 hour to find it and to get them all facing all up and to get 2 stars on the grill and 2 on the outside rivets was a pain, it took almost 3 hours per side just in stars ( Sill and Body shell ). Although I must say I love the outcome, the Pics do absolutely no justice.

    Does anyone know how they came up with the star placement on the sill? their so disorganized I almost just placed them between stentions
    9 good thing I didn't that would have been detrimental to the whole unit )
  2. Cannonball

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    I like your BNSF's. :thumb:
    Maybe I should send you my Beeps to paint.
    Then I'd have to get rid of all my N&W stuff... :rolleyes:
  3. BNSFtheLeader

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    LOL! thanks. Maybe after I get a little better I'll start doing some on the side. :thumb:

    Here's some progress photos




  4. BNSFtheLeader

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    These are all C30-7's and the B unit is a E8-B. I have some work left on these like the Pilots need to be painted silver they need Safety rails painted yellow and they need Number boards Decaled.

  5. jbaakko

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    Not bad not bad!
  6. jesso

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    Wow! Those look great!
  7. beamish

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    Wow all the engines look great to me. I really like the looks of the SD60M. Even though i am a Canadian and i would rather see a red white and blue in a BC rail sceme. :) Either way i think that is one of my new favourite loco's.

    Thanks for posting.
  8. berraf

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    Awesome, truly awesome :)
  9. Cannonball

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    Looking good! :thumb:

    What type of paint are you using?
  10. BNSFtheLeader

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    Thanks guy's. :thumb:

    I use Floquill colors and some custom mixes for the BNSF Orange and the Warbonnet Red.
  11. SeriousSam

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    how did you paint the non straight red and silver colors behind the cab? The yellow stripe is a decal, right? What did you use for the red and silver that go along that line as it curves?
  12. Herc Driver

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    Wow really outstanding results! Nice job!
  13. BNSFtheLeader

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    Well that's one of my secrets???????????????????????????????????

    but since you asked, :) On the C30-7's, I took a Kato Blue and Yellow Warbonnet shell lay 'ed a piece of masking tape over both sides of the Warbonnet, traced it out, re-taped that piece on a piece of styrene and cut it out for future use. There you go a perfect Warbonnet. Well it's perfect after a few try's.

    I wish all of them where this easy, some take Masking tape, a steady hand and many photos.

    Keep in mind the C30-7's are a fantasy scheme not real from a real photo that I know of existing.
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    Here's the First SD90Mac so far. It's not quite done yet got some painting and decaling to do yet but I figured I'd post the Pics. ( this is 10 Hours later )

  15. BNSFtheLeader

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    Here's the finished unit after another 6 hours. What'cha think???

  16. BNSFtheLeader

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    Test. Try'd to see if this Photoeditor works.

  17. jesso

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    They look great!:thumb:
  18. jsoflo

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    custom job

    Here are two custom locos I've recently done, am Atlas GP40-2 in FEC paint and added roof A/C unit, and an Intermountain SD40-2T that I re-decaled and painted out and weathered for LTEX (realized AFTER I took the photo that I didn't pop the shell all the way back on before the photo in front), that I also cut the nose from a snoot on.

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  19. BNSFtheLeader

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    Thoes look great. The I happen to have a pic of #338.

    It's about a month old


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