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    kinda expensive but the video looked pretty straight forward and easy

    thanks for posting that link:cool:
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    I got kind of excited there until I was able to find the pricing. If you don't have the laminator and some of the other tools, your looking at almost a $200 investment just for that stuff and the kit. Neat stuff though if maybe you could share the cost with a few others.

    There is a company that lets you make white letter decals for a fraction of that price. they are, White Letter Decals and decal paper for black and other colors runs about a dollar a sheet.
  3. Don,
    Have you used this decal product before? I've also know there is an other product by Bell Decal or SuperCal Decal for inkjet printers. Don't know much about then but I will be looking into it.
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    if anyone here tries any of these products, please pass on the results here. I am sure many of us would appreciate it.

  5. I've found this on the site Make your own decals. I e-mailed Eric and he said that the decals are okay but you can see the edge of the paper. Why is it so hard to be able to make decals yourself. I guess it could end up you have to do silk screening yourself to make decals. I did silk screening in hight school so I'm sure it can be done now but you still need the decal paper to screen print onto.

  6. ezdays

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    I've made decals with my printer, but just the black and a few colors. I'm anxious to try the white stuff though since I want to repaint some engines and cars. I don't profess to be an expert using any of this, but it isn't that hard to work with.
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    I have used Micromarks decal kit they have one for inkjet and one for laser printers and there are white background and clear back grounds. I only used the the ink jet version and if the model had a dark color it would show through the decal which was see thru:shock:

    I have read where laserjet is they way to go but again there is the cost:nope:

    From what I have heard the best printer for this kinda thing was alps which had the ability to "print" white letters and graphics but they do not make them(the printers) anymorewall1

    as for the extra cost of a laminator I saw a small one for $19.00 in a carol wright catolog:rolleyes:
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    The big deal is that ink is translucent. White light shines on our models, and whatever colors are present on the model will be reflected...while the rest is absorbed. Since the ink is translucent, the light will continue on through to whatever is underneath, and only that color of light will be reflected. Therefore, a color like black which absorbs all light, works with ink...and white does not. We would need an opaque ink (like paint) to be able to see white.
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    Super cal looks interesting as well thanks everyone for the input as it is very helpfull to all of us:thumb:
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    WhiteDecalsAtHome has info about using the system you mention, and how to use it to make white decals with only an ordinary laser printer. He seems to suggest it takes some practice but that it's a useable thing.

    Dry Transfers looks interesting too, and doesn't require a laminator.

    The paper he uses. They also have paper for wet-slide. I'm filing it away for something to try soon, but I'm not sure how much the shipping from the UK would be.

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    Thanks for the info, I've been making waterslide and vinyl decals and have been wanting to get into the dry-transfer decal thing for some time.

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