Custom AT-43 army (ONI based)

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by pand@, Jun 21, 2010.

  1. pand@

    pand@ New Member

    This is my first post in this amazing forum. I'm a fan of war games such as warhammer 40k and AT-43, actually I just started with AT-43 and only have one of the factions, but with new rules that were released for ONI, I'm building a new army mostly based on card models for the tanks and vehicles, for basic troops I'm planning to use pig iron productions heavy infantry set.

    Here is the first of the vehicles I build with this new army in mind, this one is a free download from and is incredible, it has several weapons options and camouflage patterns.

    I'm planning to use it as a recon/fast attack vehicle. The weapon in the pic its a mod using the cannon from a NOD buggy and the missile launcher from the original model.

    Now I'm looking for other models that fit the scale and could be commercial or free to complete the options for my army . Any recommendation will be appreciated.

    Right now I'm building a C&C 3 predator tank as to use as a medium battle tank, when I finish I will post the results.

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  2. matzieq

    matzieq New Member

    Looks much better than the original AT-43 Vehicles :)
  3. pand@

    pand@ New Member

    The small vehicles of ONI faction were ok., but what they call Main battle tank it's horrible (from my point of view) I'm assembling a C5 sentry from ebbles miniatures ( and will be used as type i vehicle or as type 3 infantry (like the hk from Terminator, just smaller). I will post a couple of picture tonight when I'm done with this little guy.
  4. pand@

    pand@ New Member

    Here is the c5 automated platform from ebble miniatures, I will used as a type 3 infantry, in units of 3 elements. The last 2 picture to show its size next to the samsara.

    I would like to hear your comments.

    Best regards

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  5. Lord Red Dragon

    Lord Red Dragon E.V.I. ltd CEO

    Excellent work! looking forward to more models from your stables.
  6. marciu11

    marciu11 Member

  7. pand@

    pand@ New Member

    I'm just finishing the chikenhawk from toposolitario with a few modifications and a hummingbird from ebble miniatures, both quite fun to assemble. Tomorrow morning I will post some pictures.
  8. pand@

    pand@ New Member

    Finally, I finished the models I was working on, the first one is an attack VTOL (hummingbird from ebbles miniatures). Could be used as a vehicle type I sort of like the ones used by the Karmans.

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  9. pand@

    pand@ New Member

    The second one its a conversion, originally it was an utillity robot, but a changed the arms to mount a missile launcher and twin barreled gun, I'm thinking in using this guy in groups of 3 as a support unit. May be the other two that will accompany this guy will be armed with twin barrel guns in both arms.

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  10. ThunderChild

    ThunderChild Active Member

    Way too cool for words. :D
  11. iconicus

    iconicus New Member

    Nice work. I've attempted both of these, and while I like how my AT turned out, the other was just to 'small' for my cloddish hands. Kudos!
  12. pand@

    pand@ New Member

    Sorry for not posting any more update, and thanks for all your comments :). Next is the chicken hawk, Im making some mods so it looks more aggressive like the drop ship from the movie Aliens (remember all those missile pods?), a walker from ebble miniatures (Type 18) and a Predator Tank from Command and Conquer 3. This model is quite a challenge, due the number and size of the pieces but its coming up very nicely (I will post what I have up to his point).

    Again thanks for all your comments and hope to hear from all of you guys!
  13. MAGI

    MAGI Member

    pand@ those look great.

    They bring a new meaning to the word paper army.
    Back in my day it was literally pieces of paper with a letter or number scrawled on it.

    They look like they would really add alot of colour and visual feasting to any table top game you put them in.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Can't wait to see your work in progress. To me that is as satisfying as seeing the finished product.
    Post away.
  14. glabbott

    glabbott Member

    Great Mini

    These look like you could have a great table top war or even a cube war with friends at work.
  15. pand@

    pand@ New Member

    Thanks everybody for your comments and sorry for not updating this post more often, but due work and health issues I have been away for some time, but the work is stiil ongoing and this weekend I will show you the first pictures of the assembled army so far.

    Best regards
  16. Mocusolvan

    Mocusolvan New Member

    Very nice work ! :thumb::thumb:
  17. johndenord

    johndenord New Member

  18. pand@

    pand@ New Member

    Heavy MBT from C&C

    Sorry for the delay, but between work and home I miss the previous dead line :(, but finally here it goes, this one is a Predator Tank from C&C game modified with some extra weapons, antenna, view ports and smoke launchers. Hope you like it

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  19. pand@

    pand@ New Member

    Heavy MBT Predator comparission

    The following to pictures show the MBT Predator from the C&C (the original model can be downloaded from thanks to Trent "Nothing" Henry for this amazing card model, I just made dome modifications to fit more in a tabletop game.

    The first picture show the model vs a pigiron productions heavy infantry model and a modified ebble miniatures utility robot, the second one show the size against a samsara apc form toposolitario, this samsara has a four barrel weapon that reminds me the soviet zsu-24 mobile anti aircraft gun coupled to missile pods

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  20. pand@

    pand@ New Member

    WIP recon hover tank

    This is the newest model form toposolitario the LHT36 YellowJacket ( I made some modifications regarding the armament adding a missile launcher and a tri-barreled gun and the top hatch is from one of ebble miniature models, I'm still thinking to add a smoke launcher on the top of the turret and use it as a recon/fast attack unit.

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