curved turnouts,ready made

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by Virginian, Mar 27, 2001.

  1. Virginian

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    Haven't come across any curved turnouts in stores or in the catalogs...anybody know if any Manufs. make them...specs.? Thanks
  2. Drew1125

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    Hey Virginian,
    Peco makes curved turnouts, in codes 80 & 55.
    I love their code 55 track. It's compatable with the code 80 (Atlas), because it actually is code 80, with .25" imbedded in the tie strip.

    P. S. These are large radius (#8) turnouts. They're a little over 6" long.
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  3. Virginian

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    Thanks Charlie,
    I'll ask the Fulton Station crew to order some for me....that's the great Model store I do almost all my business with..if anyone's in Sonoma County Ca., or passing through, stop in. They are located in 'Larkfield Center',on Old Redwood Highway, just to the north of Santa Rosa...near the Luther Burbank Performing Arts Center. Nice people and a growing inventory of great stuff!! And best of all..."feel free to look around.. let me know if I can help you find anything" is the attitude of Owners and employees alike.


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