curvable steel viaducts?

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    Hey guys,
    I have an elevated 18" radius curve made of W.S. risers and inclines that I would like to "transform" into a curved steel viaduct. It is HO and would be between 18"-24" long. I like the looks of Micro Engineering's viducts. But are they curvable? If not, they sell plate girders in various lengths that I could use to make my own viaduct. But are the girders curvable? If anyone has experience with either of these products or has a better idea, I would appreciate your input. As always, thanks!
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    Steve, most if not all steel girder and truss bridges are constructed by using a series of short, straight bridges with their connecting points always on a pier. (See pic below)

    Viaducts built in a real curve are practically always constructed from concrete or masonry. The reason is that the heavy stone/concrete better absorbs the lateral forces of a train going through that curve, than the more 'flimsy' construction of a steel construction. A metal girder bridge could start swaying sideways because it is more elastic than stone and then it might collapse.


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    I have a Micro Engineering viaduct kit that I have not used yet (but I have read the instructions). While the kit is initially designed for a straight track, there are instructions on how to make the bridge fit a curve. I believe it entails cutting out various sections of the kit to make the curve. There is a math equation they have in the instructions to figure out where to make your cuts.

    Hope this helps,

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    Mike, I would say that you've answered my questions....I'm sure I can Make it work.
    Thank You....and Thank you Ron, for your input and great pic.

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