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    Nice models. I think that the one on top is called a charging car. The other one, the pusher, pushes the coke out the other side into the larry (car). The larry is operated either electrically or by a continuous cable, the charging car by electric motors and the pusher moved by cables and/or motors and the ram by motors or hydraulics. I worked at a steel plant, although not in the "choke ovens"; I always thought when walking or driving by them that Hell itself couldn't look, or sound, or smell any worse. Nevertheless, a fascinating operation to watch.
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    Robin , when I saw Dean last weekend at the Steel Modelers meet in Medina OH , I conveyed to him what you said . When he asked for more info , I mentioned that you modeled the coke battery and related equipment from cardstock/cardboard . He was quite amazed and very pleased that he had been an influence to you . Dean doesn't have a computer but would be happy to converse with you by mail if you wish . I can provide you with his address off line if you wish .


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