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Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by modelperry, Sep 8, 2008.

  1. modelperry

    modelperry Member

    I started work on an Mi-2 from Maly Modelarz. What a piece of (expletive) this one is. Nothing is fitting well, the thing was printed off register and my color repair work (ie, markers and paint) doesn't look all that great either.:curse:

    I switched to my Fly Model Lagg-3 (which didn't start out well either) and am almost through the fuselage. There are fit issues with this one also, but nothing compared to the Mi-2. I think I might actually finish it next.:rolleyes:

    Here's hoping,

  2. Romanator

    Romanator Member

    why not show us some pictures of your work?
  3. modelperry

    modelperry Member

    I plan on showing some pictures of the LaGG-3 when it's done. I figure I have about another week's worth of work left to do on it.

    Thanks for asking.

  4. sakrison

    sakrison Member

    Stick with it. Despite a few fit issues, it builds into a very nice display model. Mine gets lots oohs and aahhs at IPMS meetings.
  5. modelperry

    modelperry Member

    Here's my finished LaGG-3. Not the prettiest results I have gotten, but not bad considering the fit issues it has. Either the formers are too large in the nose or the skins too short, but there was a gap at the bottom where the skins were supposed to meet. It didn't throw things off too badly, but it made me delay finishing this one for quite awhile.


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  6. Romanator

    Romanator Member

    What are you talking about? it looks sweet!:thumb:

    The LaGG is one of my favorites, maneuverable, good firepower for some, but not the best armor. (At least according to my simulator)

    Hardly noticed the fit issues. I for one am still envious. :mrgreen: And if you dont like the cowling, take pride in those wing roots! they're excellent.
  7. modelperry

    modelperry Member

    Thanks for the kind words. The LaGG did come out better than the Mig-3 that was in the same kit. :mrgreen: It just wasn't a fall together build and some of my work arounds don't look as good to me as they should. This time the camera works in my favor, I guess. :twisted:

    On to the next project.....


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