Cumbres & Toltec Scenic RR

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    Located in Chama NM, this remnant from the past has up to 5 operational Steam Narrow Guage engines that run all-day ecscursions for $60/person.
    The trip is from Chama, New Mexico to Antonito, Colorado. This trackage was (I beleive) originally Denver and Rio Grande RR trackage, that is now government and citizen funded, and available during the months of May - October for tourists.
    They allow tourists right up in the yard :eek: with the warning that they should keep an eye out for moving locomotives and that cinders in the eye are not the responsibility of the ownership. The switching and switch engines are run for the specatators sake only, and it is treated like a show. All in all it sounds really cool. My parents just got back last week, and I hope to have the chance to take my wife down there this next year.
    More info and a free brochure is available by clicking here
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    :cool: Justin

    Thanks for posting those steam photo's
    I can smell the smoke and hot oil
    Loved that coaling station.. Will have to see that next time I am in the US. God willing
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    your welcome


    Your welcome. Hopefully by next summer I can afford to travel down there and take a ride on one of them. If so I will have some first hand pics to post...

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