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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by Joepomp, Jun 25, 2003.

  1. Joepomp

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    Has any one used CTI softerware and DCC?. It looks exactly like what I was was going to design. It will save alot of time, but its not cheap. Before I spend the big bucks I would like a second opinon.:confused:
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    the CTI system is good but lacks addons i got mine alomst 2 years ago i paid a little over 800.00 for how much did you see it for the good part of the CTI is if you have a big layout like i have you can run it your self but you need to play with it to get it how you need it i had to play with itfor two weeks to get all my singals to work right when i threw a switch but now if you spend the money and got a fast pc and get your hands on a tuch screen you have it made i was lucky my brother got me a tuch screen from his job when they redone their system last week
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    Cost of CTI system


    I tried to get the mim. components. 1 starter kit, 1 Train Brain, 2 Watchman. This comes out to $298.00. I will need to add sensors and block detectors. I tried to keep the init. cost down, so my wife woun't file for devorce!
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    i know what you mean about the wife thing we where out yesterday doing her yard sale thing and i came across a guy selling a box of n scale stuff i looked into the box and seen what he had he looked at me and said you can have the whole box for 20.00 dollors i looked at him and then at the box and with one hand going for the money the wife said don't do it i looked at her and said i had to she just looked at me and turned away and went to the car well i got the box and we went to get somthing to eat at our fav place where everyone knows us and i brought this big box of train stuff in i was sitting their going throught it and i got 120 pices of rolling stock 35 locos and 65 buildings and 15 pasenger cars plus a mrc dcc new in the box with 25 decoders my wife looked at me and said you should have been a nice guy and told the guy what he had in the box i looked at her and said you would have done the same thing but as for the price you got that CTI for is not bad how big is your layout as for the sencers that is where it gets you i have them very 18 -24 inches becouse i run alot of switching and three our four car trains moving from the yard to the sidings i have added them all up last night plus the ones i have not put in yet with a total of 175 of them and i paid some where around 30.00 each
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    I have to start gowing to yard sales.

    My layout is 5 X 30. My last lay out about 35 Yr. ago was 4 X8.
    So I was not into the around the wall stuff. In my rush to something up and running I stuck with a big old double main oval. The ends of the oval go below grade and have passing tracks so I can put atrain into the tunnel, then put another in behind it , then take them out in any order. I want these two main line ovals to run 4 to 5 trains without operator intervention, hence the need for the computer control. The middle of the layout has a yard at one end and the other end has room for expantion.
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    that is a good size to layout to start with i have mine programed so a train would leave the yard as one pulls in and stops i had to program the decoders in to the c.t.i software and to keep it all easy i just used the road numder on the loco so when i want that fav loco all i need to do is enter it's road numder and i have full conrtol of it but you have to think on the size of my yard my small yard is 17 tracks on the east end of the layout and on the west end is the big yard of 28 tracks plus6 service tracks for north and south and most of my main line is a single track if you go yard saleing don't just stop their i go to flea markets and 2nd hand stores always find something i can use on the layout

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