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    Hi Gauger's:

    I am just posting this picture here. I know alot of you come to this area first to read the post. I will have more pictures in Real USA railroads area.

    What did I saw today on a CSX train? I CSX caboose! No joke :thumb: I live about 300 feet from the CSX main line that runs between Knoxville and Chattanooga, Tennessee!

    Look for Trains in Vonore, Tennessee In the Real USA area of The Gauge. :wave:


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    CSX has a line about a mile from my house. Every now and then, not often, but on rare occasions, I see a caboose. The trains can get pretty long. There's a large plastics company on the outside of town that gets bulk pellets, powder and some chemicals. 90% of the rolling stock I see is carrying automobiles, presumably from Detroit.

    I guess even with all of today's modern technology, they still need a caboose every now and then.
  3. kf4jqd

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    Saw it again!

    I saw the caboose again today! :thumb:



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    Upload Pictures

    announce1 I would like to know how to upload pictures to the forum. I hope someone can guide me through it.[​IMG]
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    Might be a local ordinance. Though cabooses are being phased out, some localities still require railroads to have a caboose on the end of trains.
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    Both CSX and NS still uses caboose when ever a long reverse move is needed such as on a urban local,mine runs and other such cases where there isn't a run around track available. :D Now in some cases I seen locomotives on each end of the train but,that's another matter...
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    That is cool i have not seen a caboose in years on the track in use.

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