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Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by cdavenport, Mar 24, 2008.

  1. cdavenport

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    Reading the new posts prompted me to check Paper Model Store and they have the Renova Hunley in stock. I have ordered a couple. I'll post a short review when it arrives.
  2. cjwalas

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    I'll be interested to see what you think of the kit. I have it and it's on my short list for construction, but I haven't done any real ship models before, so I'm not really qualified to judge the kit yet. I'm building the Winans cigar ship "Gunboat" now, which is a freebie from Renova. Hopefully, it'll get me past my reticence to do the Hunley. The gunboat is going together well and I'm very impressed with the fit of the pieces, which gives me hope for the Hunley! I'm really glad that the "developmental" era of submarines is finally getting some attention. I'd love to see paper models of the many early subs!
  3. eatcrow2

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    I have this also, and it appears to be a nice kit. I plan on doing a complete repaint, because I want to add all the rivet detail.. I think there's approximately 3000+ rivets.. Will probably give this a go sometime this summer.
  4. Thanks to Jim Nunn, I also have a copy of the Hunley. I'm very impressed with this kit.

    By the way, Peter -- go a little easy on the rivet detail along the midsection. Except for the bow and stern sections, the Hunley was flush-riveted. That submarine was WAY ahead of it's time.
  5. cjwalas

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    The 1860's and even well before that was a time of incredible exploration into submarine development. While most were crude failures, some were amazing designs for the time. My favorite is the US Navy's first submarine, 1862, the Alligator;
    Sure do wish some talented designer out there would do a nice paper model of this one! (hint, hint, hint!)
  6. cdavenport

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    Rivet Detail

    If you are near Charleston, SC, a visit to the Hunley is a must. The sub is absolutely "riveting," no pun intended.

    Rivet detail is almost imperceptible only 6 feet from the real thing. Of course, it has been submerged for 100+ years, nevertheless, fresh off the ways the rivets would have been hard to see.

    When you look at the model photo on the Renova website you can see the modeler went wild with rivet details...a waste of energy.

    I have been in the modeling doldrums with lots of ideas and projects but no inspiration. But, the Hunley may get me out of that.


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