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Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by Lepercan, Jan 22, 2008.

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    Hey, Nice Build!! I have this one printed out on cardstock (67 lb) and ready to go. How did you do the spar that the torpedo rides on? some of the hardest glue ups I've done involve masts and such, the temptation to substitute toothpicks or skewers is strong.

    Great work!

    Michael-looking for any other early submarine card models, the Holland, the Turtle, Robert Fulton's Nautilus, etc.
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    Thanks for the complement. The instructions tell you to wrap the spar around a skewer. You can leave it there or not, the wrappedspar is strong enough, I think, but you can't tell if there's a skewer in there or not. I'm going to take it down to 1/72 and try a rebuild. We'll see.
    Check Delta 7 for Fulton's boats.
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    You could purchase the Holland from Paper Models International. It is actually the Swedish Hajen and can be made in two versions. The English translation is in the downloads area. This is a hand-drawn hand-colored model but is fun to build and looks very nice when finished.
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    started new CSS David today. Reduced to 1/72. TinPaper's is about 1/35. God, I love Braille scale!!
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    CSS DAVID IN 1:48 A new modeler

    How would this model look in 1:48 scale? What weight card stock would you use.? Your model looks great in 1:72 and 1:33. Thanks for the information.
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    I would think 1/48 would allow more opportunity to place all kinds of "extras" on the model. 110# would do it. Look at pictures and dress it up.

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    Thanks for the good advice. The 1/48 scale would also save some shelf space. I have card stock in # 110 white and #67 in cream color. The cream colored card stock appears to give a richer and less bright print for things in yellow, green , brown , and blue. I'am thinking about using both of these card stocks for this model to give it more contrast in structure and color. Do you think the #67 cream stock would be too light in weight for the hull in 1/48 scale? Thanks for the info

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    Probably not. This thing has three internal braces. I work in 1/72 due to lack of shelf space. Just about have to give one away every time I build another. Looking forward to seeing this one.

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