Croydon Airport facade 1/144 - BY AIR Classique

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  1. Hi All Some time since my last post. Unfortunately my partner Terry has been diagnosed with cancer and we are having to deal with all that, as well as trying to get our card model aircraft range launched.

    Anyway here are some pictures of our recently designed Croydon Airport space saving facade, so you can display some of those classic 1/144 airliners the way they should be. Despite the vagaries of my printer, here is the result.

    I will be giving you all an update on our aircraft model range and their availability very shortly.

    Kind regards


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  2. BARX2

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    Beautiful model. Best wishes to Terry for a successful and speedy recovery.
  3. Elliott

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    Nice work Rosie and Terry!! Trusting for a complete recovery for Terry. Be careful of your own health also; don't wear yourself out.

    Best wishes,

  4. Croydon Background - 1924 - 1/72 scale

    Just printed this backdrop out and taken a quick pic. It has been blu-tacked on to the side of a carton and Apologies for rough look. Anyway we are looking at getting backgrounds like this along with the facade model of Croydon Circa 1928. keeping busy..


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