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  1. CPR9100

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    Hello everyone i'am new here and started collecting HO scale trains,
    I thought i would share a picture with you I took about 2 years ago
    on a trip to the Crowsnest Pass in Alberta


    Blind Bay BC. Canada

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  2. MasonJar

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    Welcome to The Gauge!

    Nice picture... how long was the train behind those locos...? ;)

  3. douglasarcher

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    Hi Steve,

    This is off topic, but just wanted you to know that there's another former Blind Bay person on this website. We lived on Blind Bay road near the Schuswap Marina with Grandma Clyde Archer. She had one of those Lionel trains in the basement and that was how I got attracted to model trains in the first place. Eventhough, I was into HO scale trains, I helped get my father's Lionel trains which had been stored in her basement for 10s of years up and running. It still runs to this day with all the original equipment! I went to Sorrento Elementary. Small world ain't it?

    Many CP trains I saw coming through the Crows Nest From Hope were more than a kilometre and had at least 5 engines pulling them. We'd be on the Trans-Canada driving from Vancouver to Blind Bay where we would spot the caboose and then several kilometres up the road (don't forget we were heading in the same direction as the trains) would run into the 2-3 engines in the middle of the train then another few kilometres up the road we would spot the head (usually another 3-4 engines). I had no way of telling whether these trains were heading towards the Okanagan or Salmon Arm, then on to Calgary. The most I ever counted on that route was 9 engines altogether. It was amazing, a lot of the trains even had those blue colored engines (what I called robots because they had no cockpits). I'm not sure, but I figure the CP trains winding through the Rockie Mountain passes must have been the longest in the world and probably several kms long ! I saw the same thing with CN trains running between Kamloops and Jasper. Hope was a decent place to view CN and CP trains because the CP tracks were on the Trans-Canada side of the highway and the CN tracks were on the other side of the river. I think that there is one point where both tracks run into each other (kind of a shared track through part of the Hells Pass).
  4. CPR9100

    CPR9100 New Member

    Thanks for the welcome this looks like a great place to hang out at.
    If i'am mistakin the that train was all hopper cars used a as ballest train
    sum were between 25 and 35 cars on it.

    Blind Bay BC. Canada

    PS. Blind Bay has no town just a coner store and best part is i'am
    5 minutes from CPR main line on Shuswap sub.
  5. MilesWestern

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    :eek: WOAH! perspective! :cool:
  6. spitfire

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    Beautiful shot - I like the black and white. Welcome aboard. :wave:

  7. MilesWestern

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    SPITFIRE!! you're back! how's things?
  8. spitfire

    spitfire Active Member

    Things are good. I'm working on a new trackplan. I have decided to rip out my old layout and start fresh. Thanks for asking. :D

  9. Tayder

    Tayder Member

    Whoa! This is spooky. I lived in Bind Bay from 63 to 66, next door (across from Art Reedman's and the Blind Bay Resort) to the Blind Bay store owned by Frank & Ann Herrick. Our house is gone now (I saw that it was knocked down a bunch of years ago).

    SMALL small world!

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