Cromer Lighthouse (Paper Shipwright)

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    Cromer Lighthouse is number 6 of a series of British lighthouses being produced by Paper Shipwright.
    I chose Cromer as its one I know - I live about 30 Km from it.

    The model comes on two A4 sheets with instructions..


    Paper Shipwright's lighthouses are 1:250 scale (the same scale as his ships), but as most of the buildings I make are 1:160 or 1:150 scale, I decided to scale it up to 1:160. This also allowed me to modify the build. What follows is a "warts and all" report...

    First, a couple of photos of the finished model - the second one showing the difference in size between my 1:160 scale version and the original 1:250.


    The main changes I made were to the windows and doors, which I recessed. This was nice and easy with a white painted building - I just used strips of thick card (about 0.75mm) around the edge of the cut outs. I also added window sills out of a double thickness of 160gms card.


    I printed the model on 160gms card. Where the plans showed treble thickness of some parts I added an extra thickness (I should have added yet another layer on the main house steps as you may notice in the above photo.

    For the glass of the light the instructions suggested printing the part on printable clear plastic. I didn't have any, so I decided to sandwich some thin cellophane between two card cut outs. Unfortunately I was too sparing with the glue on the inner piece, and when I fitted the top on the light I didn't notice until it was too late that the inner card had buckled. You can see it in the photo, but hopefully no-one will notice on the model.


    Having successfully cut out all the slots in the rail around the top of the lighthouse, I finally tried my hand at the main gate, which on the original was just a double thickness of card. Not a perfect job, but it looks effective on the model...


    Although I love making the European models, it was really nice to make something local. No doubt I will be building more local lighthouses in the future........

    Current Build: Pristontale Archer (3DPaper)
    Ongoing long term build: The Medieval City (ABC)
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    Great build! I like the recessed windows a lot - its a great detail :)
  3. telman

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    Very well done. Good detail work and designing. Telman
  4. dansls1

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    Nice model!
  5. Clashster

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    Looks great! Very cool modifications! Sure do like lighthouses, and we have so few shown here! Great job! thanks for the post and pics!


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