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    Anyone know of a kit of the Swiss Ce-6 Crocodile locomotive?

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    WOW! I'd love a copy of that also! :)
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    Thanks for the link! Its a simple model but its a start :) You need to download bogen 135 and 136 to get the complete model.

    Thanks again,
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    look very nice
    inever see a model of it but as i remmber i see old time a go a smolle free model of war train russia AA gun on it realy nice

    some one can help with link?
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    Thanks for the links :) I saw the E-92 kit and some pics of a built up model, that's what got me thinking of the Crocodile. We had a Marklin HO layout when I was little and I always wanted that locomotive. It was too expensive then, now its about $1200 :cry:

    Thanks again,
  9. yes, there i s a cardmodel of the Swiss Crocodile (the loco which
    initiated the nick-name "Crocodile") but it is very, very, very simple.
    I will ask the owner of the right if I would be allowed to make it
    available . . .



    Have a nice day
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