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    So this is the forum for the OTHER stuff we do, huh? The stuff that isn't model-related?

    I have a lot I can show here, but I'll start with just a few.

    First up is my latest finished illustration. It's a gift I did for a friend, based on the Bible's description of seraphim in Ezekiel chapter 1. My concern was more to show the IMPACT of seeing the scene described, far more than a literal depiction of it. The medium is pen, brush, and india ink.

    2014-07-24 11.35.52.jpg

    Next is a piece that's just getting started. It is meant to be a sort of heroes vs. villains-a-palooza, reimagining the "Panic in the Sky" storyline from the Superman comics of the 1990's with the New 52-era DC superheroes. Again, pen, brush, and ink. This is one half of a diptych, the other half of which will have the villains on it. The next pic is the pencil sketch for the villain side.

    2014-06-06 17.03.28.jpg 2014-05-31 15.36.15.jpg

    The next pic is a piece I did on commission. I took the client's son's name (Elijah James), researched the meanings of it, and drew a piece that represented his name's symbolisms.

    Photo Jul 27, 1 45 45 PM.jpg

    Next is an image that's very personal to me - it's my personal attempt to symbolize the Trinity - God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. It's called "Trinitatis."

    Photo Jul 10, 8 32 02 PM.jpg

    Last is a piece I did featuring Henry Cavill doing a classic "shirt rip" scene, with the "Man of Steel" movie costume underneath his civilian clothes.

    Photo Aug 02, 8 21 52 PM.jpg

    More to come...
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    Here's a couple of my 3D models, built in Blender. I'll have to post more later, because I don't have access to most of these pix from the computer I am currently on.

    This is a ship I designed for a contest - the idea was, design a ship that draws its inspiration from an unconventional object, not normally associated with spaceflight. My design was inspired by Douglas Adams' description of the Vogon bulldozers, that they "hung in the air in much the same way that bricks don't." So I designed this ship around the shape of a brick.


    Next is a render done using my Buck Rogers Starfighter model. The render is actually by someone else, a friend who converted my model and retextured it. But the model itself was mine.


    Like I said, I'll post more later.
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    Here are some more of my renders...

    This is the U.S.S. Alexander, a ship designed by a friend but built in Blender by me.

    alex1norm.jpg CLAlexanderClass145.jpg Sisters01.png

    I built these models and the scene in Blender and rendered it as a tribute to Green Lantern...


    ...and the Justice League.


    Here are a few shots of my Buck Rogers Starfighter...

    Conv01-b.jpg Conv01.jpg Off-Work01.jpg Off-Work02.jpg
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    Oops - hit a 10 image limit on the previous post! Some more stuff...

    A few more renders of my Starfighter mesh, this time in a different conversion/texturing scheme

    STARF_OK1.jpg STARF_OK2.jpg STARF_OK3.jpg STARF_OK4.jpg

    This is a model I designed and built - the Massachusett Class Scout ship U.S.S. Natick:


    And the Mythic Class science vessel:


    And my favorite pic with my Starfighters - I built this entire scene, including the Hangarship:

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    Other than my Starfighter, the ship I am best known for modeling is this Hybrid Enterprise, based on designs by burningman as a midway point between the NX-01 and the TOS Enterprise. The last pic is burningman's original design piece.

    CLHybridEnterprise267.png CLHybridEnterprise268.png CLHybridEnterprise241.png CLHybridEnterprise244.png HybridThreeView.jpg

    Here's the design I made for my Mythic Class ship, and some orthos of the final mesh, built by a friend:

    MythicDorsalFinal.jpg MythicFrontFinal.jpg MythicWIP32.jpg MythicWIP33.jpg

    Attached Files:

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  6. CrimsonLine

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    And a few more orthos of the Mythic Class...

    MythicWIP34.jpg MythicWIP35.jpg MythicWIP36.jpg

    I never finished him, but I was working on a mesh of the Masterpiece Optimus Prime at one point...

    MasterOp048.png MasterOp050.png

    Phew! That's a lot for now! A great trip down memory lane. Hope you like at least a few of these!
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  7. CrimsonLine

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    Oh! Oh! I found one more! This is a pic I made from scratch in Blender and Comic Life, in tribute to the old Commodore 64 game, "Impossible Mission." Anybody remember that one?

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  8. freddyman

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    amazing artwork!
  9. CrimsonLine

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    Thanks, freddyman!
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    THIS IS ABSOLUTELY BREATH-TAKING! You are a GREAT artist! Thank you for sharing your work here... No, thank you for BEING here!!!! :):):)
  11. Rhaven Blaack

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    I could see a few of the ships being turned into paper models.
  12. CrimsonLine

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    Thanks, guys. I'm just a fiddler, but I really enjoy making things. Glad you like it!
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    If that is "fiddling" i would like to see what you come up with when you really set your mind to it!!!
  14. CrimsonLine

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    What in the blessed name of Hayden Christensen is the deal with these TROPHIES I keep getting notifications about?
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    DAVESTAR Active Member

    Wow - great stuff CrimsonLine. Love the Enterprise!
  16. Rhaven Blaack

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    They are just a little fun feature of the site. This was something that the developers of the platform created.
    You get them for various things. Unfortunately, you really can not use them for anything. It is just a way to get people to participate in the forum more.
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    ROFL! I shall remember THAT quote!!! :)
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    Thanks, Davestar. It was while building that ship that I realized the enormous scale problems that the NX-01 has, especially with regard to the size of the Bridge. If you take the rim of the saucer as one deck thick, which it is clearly meant to be, the bridge module as seen on the exterior model is way, way too small. The Bridge would have to be on Deck 2 in order to fit, and what you see up top would have to be all a sensor array or something. But of course, it has windows in it, clearly designed to be the windows in Archer's office, just off the Bridge. If you scale the ship by the Bridge, it's a decent size. But if you scale it based on the thickness of the saucer at the rim, it's teeny, and the shuttle bays are laughably small. All sorts of headaches for someone who likes consistency.
  19. CrimsonLine

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    ;) I'm listening to the audiobook of Star Wars Episode III's novelization right now, and so the name was on the tip of my brain.
  20. freddyman

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    might I ask, what pens are you using for your traditional work? I'm planning on making a huge transitional improvement on my art supplies and I'm sick of using cheap ballpoint pens from Walmart.

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