Crimson Skies Plane - help?

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by ARMORMAN, Apr 25, 2004.


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  2. 57townsman

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    Apparently it was a limited time freebie when you bought the Xbox game. Must have been in Japan only because I didn't get one :wink:

  3. Ajax

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    ^ Shoot! That card model of the Hughes Devastator looks like it'd be a lot of fun to build and display.


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    I have an email in to the creator (if he can translate it). I'll post when he sends me info.

    ARMORMAN Guest's what's been going on....I emailed the following to the creator:

    >>You do some amazing work! I was wondering if you could please send me a copy
    >>of the Crimson Skies paper model plane that you created. I live in the
    >>United States and I do not think that your work will ever be released here

    >>Thank you for your time.

    And he responded thusly:

    this mail was translated into the English writing by the
    translation software.
    Forgive it if there is an impolite expression.

    Dear Bill Perry.

    Thank you for mail.
    What you say is right.
    Crimson Skies paper model is a GIFT.
    It cannot obtain, if software is not purchased.
    And probably, it will be difficult for you to receive the software for Japan.

    If possible, please mail to Microsoft.
    If your opinion obtains many approval, it may be able to receive also in the United States.



    I then contacted the U.S. xbox division and totally confused them. They said to direct my questions to xbox Japan, and I am currently waiting for a response.


    ARMORMAN Guest

    I got a response this morning from Xbox Japan:

    Dear Mr. Bill,

    Thank you for enjoying Xbox.

    This paper craft is only for those who will buy crimson skies as initial shipping in Japan.
    You can see its detail the below URL.

    I am not sure this does work for you.
    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Best regards,

    Xbox customer support

    I wish that they'd make it available to those of us who are outside Japan....
  7. Square

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    Have any of you seen the weird model at fiddlers green?
    looks alot like a crimson skies model except for color and weapons ... someone needs to get ahold of this guy and see if we could get ahold of the model from him

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  9. Square

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    Armor man
    the second one down in your link yes I know its not the right one but is close the x-gull wing one thats also a canard with the fighting tigers nose ... if it was done in red baron red with some skull and cross bones with a few nice guns mounted would be pretty close

    ARMORMAN Guest

    I think that it was what the builder was going for. If I'm not mistaken, he used a FG Warhawk and 2 sets of FG corsair wings.
  11. Square

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    If you figure it out I want a copy to :) ... oh geez ' gets on bent knee' "Please" I want one to .... :) I found a site that has nothing but aircraft of the differant crimson skies .... from back when it was still a board game ...
    The only problem I have is I start school today (to be a dealer) so kit bashing is going to have to wait .... course now I will really have the money I want to be able to really kit bash

    ARMORMAN Guest

    where's the site you mentioned?
  13. wunwinglow

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    OI! You can't say things like this without including the URL!!!!! You get the rest of us all excited, but leave us all high and dry!!! I'm getting to old for that sort of suspense!!

  14. Square

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    Hey Tim
    Ok I felt like a designer and was keeping everyone in suspense ...
    Now this site is not mine <g> but I do want to see built models from it <g>
    sorry just had to ... I wont do that again ... Promise I won't ...
    the reason I didnt post it the other day was I do not have my favorites list in order ... not at all :roll: but I took the time this morning and searched it
    this site has a lot of extermely nice models from crimson skies ... not paper but nice to say the least ... Enjoy
  15. Ajax

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    Agreed! Ah well, I guess I'll just have to add it to my list of reasons not to like Microsoft. ;) :lol:

    Thanks for looking into the matter, Armorman!

  16. Square

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    I bet the XP-55 would be a great canidate for a kit bash with a corsair to make a crimson skie model

    link is gone sooo

    thats the XP-55 in Texman's folder and the corsair would give the gull wings needed ...... a good recolor and voila a crimson skies avenger? or a close approximity of one
  17. sagunt

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    bad link, square. is the url correct?

    what's the p-55?
  18. Square

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    well I guess Texman has taken down his model build of the XP-55 but it is all over the web Sooooooooo :roll:
  19. sagunt

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    wow, it IS all over.

    thanks. i didn't realise the u.s had a canard design in WWII.

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