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Discussion in 'Tools of the Trade' started by Gil, Jul 9, 2006.

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    It would be useful if it had a computer interface. Without one (and only shapes available are those in their very pricy cartridges), it is a very expensive paperweight.
  4. wunwinglow

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    Agree with Darwin; nice for 'scrap-booking', birthday cards etc (that is what, and who, it is designed for, after all!) but I think it would be pretty limited for what we do. Give it a USB connection I'd be a bit more interested!!

    Tim P
  5. Gil

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    The Message...,

    I think the message is that there existed more demand than was ever expected by those involved. Being sold out is only wonderful for a very short while, the competition is what insures the short part. I think that it means that there's enough demand to actually support a market for the device type.

    Robo Craft has essentially the same mechanical capabilities but has the essential USB and support software connection..., -Gil
  6. Willja67

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    That might be just what the doctor ordered for me to ever finish a model. But for it to ever gain popularity designers would have to either give up preprinted models (GPM and Halinsky to name a few) or send a cd with cut instructions with the model and find a standard for all different cutters. Unless I suppose they all read the same file type?

    It even looks like they are trying to entice us cardmodelers, take a look about the middle of this page. Do my eyes deceive me or are those card models with one coming out of the cutter? I might just be spending $400 real soon.
  7. Fishcarver

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    It might be an idea for one of us to contact the Customer Service boffins at CraftRobo ( maybe send them a scanned page of a model) and ask them directly if their gizmo will do what we need. This beats the heck out of a $7500 laser cutter any day!

  8. Gil

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    More Tantalizing Details...,

    The Craft Robo Pro II seems to be the most attractive for paper modeling. It's a bit pricey at $1000 U.S. The software seems to be an Adobe plugin. Registration marks are key to it's ability to cut along the lines which brings up that they aren't really needed. What's also interesting is the ability to perform surface scoring, the cutting head has 31 programmable settings on the cutting force..., -Gil

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