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    I am trying to build some cribbing or retaining wall, I have heard it called both. Anyway, I have no idea where to start or what materials to use. Should I create the mountain and build the cribbing onto it. Or should I do the cribbing then fill in the mountain behind it? If I build the cribbing and fill in the mountain later, then how can I get the mountain to really fill out everything behind the wall, and then how do I paint the mountain? I heard that to make the wall look real that you should dye the wood with some kind of dye mixed with alcohol or something like that, what is this dye and where can I find some? I hope that you can understand my confusing questions. Any help would be great. Thanks!
  2. billk

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    Do the mountain first, keeping in mind where the cribbing will go. The mountain side should be vertical behind the cribbing, or at least most of it.

    You didn't say what material you are trying to simulate the cribbing being made of - wood, concrete, stone, what? Woodland Scenics makes plaster castings of retaining walls made from all these materials, but they aren't too hard to make from scratch.

    I think the dye you're thinking of is maybe made of a few drops of India ink mixed in alcohol. It makes a good stain for wood, giving it a weathered look and bringing out the details.
  3. Ralph

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    I built a retaining wall into a hillside by first installing a board to serve as a backing for it prior to creating the hill. After scenary was along the way and covered the edges of the board, I added the retaining wall.
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    On my HO I added the retaining wall after the fact. I used Expandable foam to fill in behind the wall. BiT Mountains in Minutes probably would work. Then all you have to do is "texture" the wall with whatever you want to build it out of.

    ~~ Mikey
  5. Freelancer

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    I'm sorry I failed to mention it, I want to build the crib out of wood. Unless you think that the premade would be better. The India ink is what I heard about, do you know where I could find some? And what would the mixture rate be? Also, if I do make the crib out of wood, what would I use to hold it all together? Wood glue?
  6. satokuma

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    here are a few on the BearCat RR. The top one is constructed of logs with some backfill to give me a little room on the row. The second one is match sticks...all in N scale - still needs alot of scenery detail....


  7. billk

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    I'd take a look at the premade retaining walls - if they look like what you want, get them, else build from scratch.
    Artsy/craftsy store.
    Like I said, a few drops in some alcohol. It doesn't have to be real exact.
    Wood glue's fine, or maybe a thick gel CA. Whatever works. Just do the staining on the individual pieces before gluing.

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