Creative ways to retrieve boat when batteries die?

Discussion in 'RC Aircraft & Watercraft' started by Thud, May 31, 2003.

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  1. Thud

    Thud New Member

    My house backs right up to a small lake which is the perfect size for R/C boats (electric only since the lake is surrounded by houses and the HOA would beat me up).

    I gotta wonder though... have any of you had your batteries run out leaving your boat stranded in the middle of the lake? The water in my lake is kind of murky, I'd hate to have to swim out there. [xx(]

    Know of any creative ways to avoid that? Besides the obvious (steering toward shore when the things starts slowing down).
  2. pagemaster

    pagemaster New Member

    Thud dont run your batteries that low. When you start to slow down bring it in. When the packs dump it puts a huge strain on the wiring and batteries and will cause problems.
    Other then that you can use a tennis ball on the end of a fishing rod. I'm told this works but its still a pain in the butt.

    Steven Vaccaro
  3. scooby

    scooby New Member

    or mabey you gould get one of them sturdy radio shack catamarans and push it to shore or make fishing line loops and try to hook it around the rudder or somthing
  4. pagemaster

    pagemaster New Member

  5. bikerdude_5

    bikerdude_5 New Member

    [8D]:Dyou could take a canoe out and get it or if you have a boat you can ride in get it that way.:)
  6. jcb9901

    jcb9901 New Member

    send your labador retriever out to retrieve it.
  7. mfik

    mfik New Member

    well, first of all a good way to not have to do any thing is to use the wind. find out which direction the wind is coming from and play with ur boat on the opposite side, ie. if the wind is coming from the west drive ur boat on the east, then if the battery dies, the boat will be closer to the shore that the wind is blowing to, then just sit around, for 15 mins (or depending on the strength of the wind) and while ur wating for the wind to blow it u can try the above remedies also. and, u can go to a toy store and get a cheap little boat from nikko that u can easily use to tow they only go around 5 miles per hour, but its faster then waiting. simply make a giant loop in the back of the nikko boat with fishing wire and try driving around the stranded boat untill the ruddder or prop gets caught on the wire
  8. tfhughes_28

    tfhughes_28 Member

    Buy a real cheap boat, radioshack or similar, the attach this: Take three pieces of styrofoam and make in a horse-shoe shape. Attach it to the front of your cheap boat. Then simply drive upto your stranded boat until it is in the "horse-shoe" then push it back to shore. Hope this makes sense.

  9. bandit1

    bandit1 Member

    wenever mine loose power i put an old P.O.S radio shack out and push it back.
  10. ROBoat

    ROBoat New Member

    Pick yourself up a cheap 2 or 3-man inflatable boat. I just bought one a few weeks ago for $23.00 with oars.
  11. casey

    casey Member

    me and my dad scratch built two recovery boats one with a net that can drop over a rudder or nub one the front and one with a straight bow to push them in email me for pics
  12. woodbw

    woodbw New Member

    If you are running close to shore buy a cheap fishing reel a tennis ball and a chuck it (dog ball throwing tool). Put a hook on the hull of your boat when it dies throw the ball out over teh boat and reel it in. The hook gives the fishing line something to grab on. Our club has one member who plays baseball and he can throw 1/2 the width of our pond using the chuckit
  13. splinter81

    splinter81 New Member

    I used to throw rocks next to my boats when they got stuck out in the middle using the ripples to move it inwards. Just have to make sure you don't sink the boat.

    I also remember seeing a recovery boat in a magazine, the 2 hulls are about 3 feet long and about 2 1/2 feet apart connected with pieces of aluminium pipe. It ran on 2 540 motors and had the radio gear in one hull and the wires going through the aluminium pipe to the hull on the other side. They ran it on a motorbike battery. If you get a second reciever you can use the recovery boat on the same channel as your stranded boat, That means you only need one transmitter. I think the recovery boat was just made from carved blue foam.
  14. rvillaverde

    rvillaverde New Member

    Not creative but effective.

    Have another model, of course with its radio (in different frequence) system, intended to recover the doomed one.

  15. hornet28

    hornet28 New Member

    well there is a simple way and it envolves two people.
    take a open spool from a fish rod.
    put a loop/metal ring on one end and then one person stays with the fish reel/spool. the other person walks round the lake/pond/river etc and then lowers fish line down to the boats level.(this is asuming one has a point on the boat that can hold the line in place for the next part.the next part being that the two people then walk towards each other from the direction they came so as they meet.whilst doing this the person with the reel/spool winds the line back on and thus when you meet each other the aforemention craft should come back to the shore.
    a bit long winded but ive never got wet YET.
    p.s. if two people go then you can take it in turns using the water craft and both people have a nice afternoon out.
  16. ted Scholl

    ted Scholl Guest

    Go to home depot and get some industrial velcro and get a cheapie recovery boat and glue the velcro to the sides of the boats so they meet when both boats are floating. Simple and fast. You can go to the craft or sewing stores and get colored velcro too.
  17. Steve M

    Steve M Member

    Here is the solution that we used for retrieving our nitro boats.

    Buy yourself an inexpensive closed fishing reel. Use a long needle and a tennis ball and attach the ball to your fishing line. It helps if you use a fishing line that floats but not essential.

    If your boat stalls relatively close to shore (how far can you throw a tennis ball) you can toss the ball out and try to snag part of the boat's upper deck, tuned pipe, rudder, etc... Some racers would install a screw or hook on the bow of their boats so that they would have something to snag with the line. Worked like a charm for about $10.
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