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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by Collyn, Aug 21, 2006.

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    I have had a renewal of interest in this hobby after rebuilding a HO scale layout that was destroyed during a move. First of all my dad lives in tennessee that is where the ho layout is. I go there during the summer but during the rest of the year I have no layout. I did build an N scale layout, but it's bad, build quikly without planning and it shows. The train barely runs on it. The other problem with it is it's built way too high the only avalible space was atop my tv entertainment center. I would like to start over but I dont no where to build it. A shelve layout is out of the question. The only thing I can think of is to suffer with a layout that high(so high my mother can barely see it) or remove the mattress from my trundel bed(never use it) and have an extreamly low layout. Any other ideas? I will try to get a diagram of my room on tomorrow
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    One option might be to make the layout small enough to store it as/on a shelf (ok, that you more or less ruled out, but wait:) which can be taken down to a lower level in it's entirety for operations, construction and general showing off to the public and then you can put it onto something of a convenient height, such as a table. I'm building my layout along these lines myself and think that it might work well when space is scarce.
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    Take a look in the Modular Forum (link in my signature) for some ideas on how to make portable benchwork that can be setup or taken down easily as required.

    On two 2'x4' modules, you should be able to create a pretty interesting switching layout. With Nscale, you can even have continuous running in that size.

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    My first layout was built to slide under the bed. I put wheels on the bottom of it and rolled it out when I worked on it or ran the trains. The main disadvantage was the low clearance, which in N scale is not that big of a problem. You just can't have any skyscrapers or tall mountains. :)

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