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    Wish to convincingly model small, low waterfall on a creek adjacent to small grainmill on our HO sectional layout. The grainmill naturally gets it's water power by the diversion of upstream flow thru sluce to waterwheel, with discharge returning to creek below falls. Will probably do creek by painting bed with the usual dark center/lighter stream edges. I'd then apply several coats of poly varnish for water. Low foliage will overhang water's edge in places. Unsure how to proceed on waterfall itself......Tom:)
    P.S. Has anyone ever done a model of a fish ladder? This could fit in opposite waterwheel.
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  3. Vic

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    I've never tried it but have seen some rather convincing waterfalls made from that "angel hair" stuff that you find at Christmas time. It was "combed" out, glued in place and coated with clear resin.
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    Here are some pictures of a waterfall that I did on my layout. I used Woodland Scenics Realistic Water and Water Effects.

    First I shaped the area the way that I wanted. I painted the bottom using dark grays in center and lighter shades as I approached the shoreline. I then added rocks and talus. I colored the rocks and talus as necessary. Next I added some driftwood.

    I then began pouring the Realistic Water into the ponds. I added it in layers about 1/8 inch deep. I let the layers dry as indicated on the instructions for at least 24 hours each. Once the water was at the depth I wanted, I then went over it with the Water Effects. Water Effects goes on white but dries clear after a few days and it has the consistency of toothpaste. I used an old brush to tease it into waves. I also molded it into the waterfalls themselves. About a month after I was done and everything had dried completely (Water Effects took a long time to dry) I dry brushed white Creamcoat over the areas where I wanted foam to appear.

    Now the only thing left is to add water spray at the base of the falls and finish the trees and other foliage. The water spray will be made from teased cotton that is sprayed with scenic cement. I haven’t tried this part yet.

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    Here's another view:

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    This months MR has a waterfall that is partly deverted for a power plant. It tells you how he did it. That may help
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    Hi Tom, here's a photo of my old N-scale railroad with a waterfall I created using glass fibre (Car stuff) and yacht varnish for the top coat.

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    Hello everyone,

    This guys has an articles on doing Waterfalls and Rivers how to under a button on the left side of his webpage called "Published Articles". I am giving it a shot seems not to be too hard.
    Lex Parker Devner & Rio Grande Western
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    Hi, Tom,
    the last waterfall I made I used clear silicone house caulk (the kind in a tube), you can shape it with a small stick to make ripples and waves. And then used angel hair (which I stuck in while the caulk was still soft) along the bottom for spray, I didn't need very much. Then painted white highlights on the caulk. It looked great and was very cheap to make since I have the caulk for other projects. I plan on using the same idea on my new layout when I get that far. You could try it out on a scrap area and the cost is next to nothing (caulk cost about $2.50 when on sale).
  10. Shamus, that's an utterly stunning scene. I love it! It's one of those to be studied very closely. You still have much to teach the rest of us. Many thanks. :)
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    Second on that Brother Casey....I just moved George Sellios to the #2 postion and moved Shamus up to #1:D
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    Goes for me too. If me and another Nscale guy had to go down that ladder and he expressed some concern as to whether it was good or not. My reply would be "what are you talking about man, Shamus built it" :D


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