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    I want to throw this out and get some thoughts and/or ideas. I have about 20-25 excess locos to pass off and get out of my way. They range frome LL, Botchman, Tyco Mantua, Athearn, and Atlas. The newest from 6-8 years old, back to ???? Some run good, but not worth much, and was thinking if real green newbies that know diddly-zilch want something to learn what makes them tick, a buck or 2 for packing and they pay shipping.

    I have 5 F units. I don't know an F3, F7, F9 from nothing. Some have 2 lites, some one.

    My question: am I stepping into some deep doo-doo? I know I can be taken advantage of, but they're the ones that would have to live with it. An example, I have an Atlas with GP-38 scratched on the bottom. Runs beautifully. Is $30 plus postage too much, and pay after receipt if satisfied. If not, I pay return postage. I mainly want to help those less fortunate than I, and relieve my mess at the same time. Thoughts please.

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    Why not just Ebay them? Few things received free are really appreciated. Often at the club, we have people dropping off boxes of "Pop's old toy trains". Because I'm the resident tinkerer, most end up with me. I appreciate what they represented to someone at one time and somewhat resent how the trains are snuffed at by other club members.

    My suggestion would be to offer them by the lot here in the Buy, Sell and Trade forum or on Ebay. Those who buy them have something of themselves invested in them. If you find a buyer and sense a genuine interest in the hobby, make their day and give a great deal to them.
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    Ya might want to give your friends here at the Gauge first crack. Only you can judge what they're worth, but if you post pictures and a description of their condition, you're bound to get feedback on what others think they are worth.

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