Crazy video of high speed train surfer

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Collyn, Feb 10, 2007.

  1. Collyn

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  2. Cannonball

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    I'm speachless.

    Kids! Do NOT try this at home!
  3. Seaboard

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    Wow:eek: that was cool!!:D I saw a video like that before. may have been the same guy. And he died at 21. How often does that happen?:confused:
  4. Collyn

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    It kind of makes you think. What would you do if you knew you were going to die. Especially from something like luchemia like that guy?
  5. cidchase

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    As long as you asked, I would spend my time trying to do something good for other folks, rather than throwing it away on silly, "all-about-me and how cool I can be" crap like this.
    What you do for others is your true legacy. "Never to be forgotten"? Yeah, right.

    I don't have a habit of speaking ill of the departed and really hope I don't offend anyone. Stuff like this just encourages other young people to show out in stupid life-threatening stunts. This behaviour should not be glorified; when it catches up with them, it's their friends and families that suffer.
    (IMO, I suppose I could be misguided in my thinking)
  6. Ironhead

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    People have been doing stupid death defying stunts for a 1000 years. As George Carlin would say (and he's the conducter, so he knows what he's talking about), "The kid that swallows all the marbles doesn't get to grow up and have kids of his own."

    So allow me to rephrase so I don't disagree with you..."Stuff like this just encourages marble swallowers to show out in stupid life-threatening stunts."

    Only difference is that this guy didn't have the choice of whether or not to swallow the marbles, and he documented what he chose to do. The glory, and it is a very personal one, is that he got to ride the back of a bullet train before he died, and experience that rush for himself. It's not his fault the world is filled with stupid teens that have their whole lives in front of them. You want progress? Take away their Xbox and half the movies Hollywood cranks out.

    At least this guy was for real and lived it. He wasn't asking to be anyone's hero, he was just documenting the life a walking deadman. Cut him a break.
  7. MoX

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    Scroll down page and read what is posted after the pictures. Seems to be some speculation to whether or not this young man is dead. With the internet it never surprises me when a dead guy shows up after his death. Either if the guy is dead or alive, still interesting to watch.
  8. hiscopilot

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    Matthew says "I would NEVER do that!" we even stopped the video because he didnt like it!

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